Link Love: 30

Link Love I did an extensive interview over on Hey Eleanor! I dished the dirt on why we quit traditional housing and what everyday life is like for us full-timers. Quitters: We moved into Our 1978 Airstream Sovereign.

This 484 square foot house in the Austrian Alps is what dreams are made of.

This grain silo home is so gorgeous, modern and clean. I had no idea grain solos could look so good!

This lady does a great job of documenting the process of remodeling a vintage trailer. Start here.

This guy converted a van into his home for $8,000. We hope to do it for a lot less, but man, his story is inspiring!

Microhouses on Portlandia. All the laugh/cry emojis.

One secret to success that is available to everyone.

What to buy and what not to buy at the Dollar Store.

14 tips for shopping on Amazon. I didn’t even know all these tips and I’m an Amazon fanatic.

This is what I look like without makeup. I don’t think I wear a lot of makeup, but I also don’t leave the house without mascara on. I found this article terrifying and brave. Makeup minimalism?!

Let’s fist pump it to Friday!



A Small Life Book Club

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo

I’m starting a new feature on ye olde blog and I hope that you’ll enjoy it too! One of my goals this year is to read more and I need a bit of motivation. That’s why I’m starting a book club. Each month I’ll announce the book that we are going to read. (I’ll also take suggestions!) And then I’ll read it (I hope you will too) and we’ll discuss it. Easy enough?

Since this is “A Small Life” Book Club I’m thinking the books will center around minimalism, living small and life-changing adventures! The first book we’ll be reading is The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing* by Marie Kondo. You can check it out from your local library or purchase it on Amazon using the link above.

I’ve heard great things about this book. In fact, people are starting to use the author’s last name as a verb to mean tidying up. Too bad my last name is hard to pronounce or I’d totally try to make that into a thing meaning “small living.” We’ll discuss this book on April 1st. I hope you’ll join me!


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Tuesday Thoughts: No Greatness

there is no greatness

It’s easy to be average. It’s easy to be in debt and live above your means. It’s easy to lie to yourself. It’s easy to complicate your life. What’s harder is being great. What’s harder is living simply. What’s harder is looking for the good in the everyday. What’s harder is telling yourself the truth.

How do you cultivate greatness? Let me know in the comments!


The Small Life: Hannah’s Tiny Toronto Loft

Hannah's Loft 1
Living and embodying the small life doesn’t have to mean living in an Airstream. Living small is living below your means and living in a space that’s physically smaller than average, but full of heart. That’s why I was so excited to hear from Hannah and see her tiny loft. Take it away, Hannah!

Bedroom in the loft My name is Hannah I live in Toronto. I live in a 584 square foot loft. I have recently decided to simplify my life. It is definitely is not as simple as living in Airstream, but I have downsized my living and I so happy with it. I downsized for many reasons. I downsized because I get so distracted and annoyed when things are not at their place. I also realized I’ve been wasting so much energy and time on daily basis just for THINGS around me when I could’ve spent the time and energy on the stuff that I actually enjoy. I couldn’t keep up with having my surroundings the way I wanted. It was messy and I wasn’t happy.

Loft Kitchen bathroom in the loft So I decided to get rid of all the extra things. I have done the 30 Day Minimalist Challenge. And I think I’ll do it again.

Hannah's Toronto Loft I feel like the less stuff I have, the more space opens up in my mind. Now I spend less time on cleaning; it only takes me 20 min to clean the entire loft. I have more time to spend on myself and I am thinking of starting a blog with my best friend.

Loft view Thanks, Hannah! Hannah has even taken living frugal to the next level. You can rent out her gorgeous loft on Air B&B. In fact, a couple friends and I hope to stay there this summer! You can also check out Hannah on her Facebook page. -Melanie

Frugal Friday: Are you willing to have less to gain more?

Airstream through the trees copy Often times people tell me, “Oh, I could never do what you do.” “I could never be a minimalist.” “I could never live in 188 square feet.” But what I really hear is, “I’m not willing to have less stuff to gain more time, money or pursue my other dreams.”

Since we moved into the Airstream, I’ve found myself less preoccupied with household chores. Don’t get me wrong, I still have to cook and clean each day, but instead of cleaning 1,000 square feet, I only have 188 to clean.

Since we moved into the Airstream, I’ve saved about half my paycheck each month. That’s huge. Prior to living in the Airstream I spent every cent I made, and sometimes more than that. Now I have emergency savings, a 401K and a Roth IRA. I didn’t even know what those things were two years ago!

Since we moved into the Airstream, we’ve also been able to support my husband’s dream of being a full-time artist. Paying rent just wouldn’t be possible (at least in the beginning) with the unsteadiness of the artist’s paychecks. We don’t worry about that now. Whatever money he makes, he invests back into the business or saves. We don’t need that money to live.

Moving into the Airstream has also given me a chance to think about my own dreams– whatever those might be. Two years ago I didn’t even allow myself to dream because I was broke. What’s the point in dreaming when you know you are going to have to get up and go to work each morning until you’re 65 or 70 just to support yourself?

By living in less and with less I’ve gained so much more.

What are you willing to give up to gain? Let me know in the comments!


Link Love: 29

Link Love It’s been another snowy one this week, so I’ve had the chance to binge watch TV, binge read books and binge pin pins. Check out the best of the best:

This camper has an insane tub and a rabbit!

This couple has lived in their Winnebago for 7 years! Their story had originally inspired me to live in an Airstream and they are still going strong. I also adore their candle company!

One of Bambi’s favorite activities is visiting Lowe’s. But there’s so many other dog-friendly stores! I’ll be filing this away for when we are on the road.

The bottom cabinets in this picture are my inspiration for the van. (Originally seen in Elle magazine.) Now we only need to source a bunch of old barn wood.

Tiny home living without a tiny home.

How do you travel on a budget? A good discussion.

It sounds weird, but I’ve been getting back into knitting after binge-watching Outlander Season 1*. Claire (the main character) has the best knit ware!

Have you seen the sneak peak illustrations for the new illustrated Harry Potter? They are brilliant, of course. Preorder the illustrated edition: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: The Illustrated Edition (Harry Potter, Book 1)*

Every kid in a park: Love this! I can’t wait to visit all our national parks.

Why am I not doing the thing I want to do? Gah, so relatable and such good advice.

An addict’s guide to overcoming the distraction habit.

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Happy Thursday! Stay warm out there!



Tuesday Thoughts: Let Alone

a man is rich

How many things can you let alone? Can you let alone greed and indifference? Can you let alone self-destruction, ill thoughts and mean words? Minimalism isn’t just about letting physical things alone, it’s also about letting behaviors alone.

And that kids is something to think about.