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Living in an airstream full time New to the blog?
Welcome! My name is Melanie and I live in an Airstream travel trailer full-time with my husband, George and my dog, Bambi. I’m glad you are here. You might be interested in the following links. You also might be interested in my FAQs. Don’t see what your looking for? Drop me a line!

Why we decided to live in an Airstream

Tour our Home
The remodel of our 1978 Airstream Sovereign
The interior tour of our Airstream
The exterior tour of our Airstream
Family photos with our Airstream
A video tour of our Airstream

Airstream Remodeling Tips
Our Airstream buying story
The “Before” pictures of our Airstream
The products we used to remodel our Airstream
How to buff an Airstream
How to wash an Airstream
How to install window screens in an Airstream
Bed buildout tips
Building custom drawers in an Airstream
How to install a permanent toilet

Small Living Advice
What does “living small” mean?
How we live in 188 square feet
How I parred down my stuff to live in an Airstream
Things I wish I knew before living full-time in an Airstream
Things I love about living in an Airstream
How much does it cost to live in an Airstream?
40 fast ways to clear clutter
Where to park and live in a RV– legally!

Other People Who are Living Small
The Peterson’s Family Airstream
Todd and Wyatt’s Airstream
Amber’s Tin Can
Hannah’s Toronto Loft
Dre’s Free-Spirited Airstream

Money Saving Tips
20 weird ways to save money
The $100 holiday challenge
186 ways to save money
No-Spend November: a money saving challenge

Featured on…
Apartment Therapy
Tiny House Swoon
Hey Eleanor!
The Chicago Tribune
CBS’s Money Watch Blog

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  2. Suzanne & Kelly Faulkenberg

    We have bought a 31’Airstream Excella 1984 original mostly inside….so dark. We love what you 2 have done with white paint and renovations. We will be on about a 1/2 acre of land that previously had a double wide. There is electricity and city water to the space and there is a septic tank. I really want a regular toilet…..yours looks like a “normal” one. My husband wants to know if, indeed, you were able to install just a regular Lowe’s toilet & whether you had to take off the black holding tank? We own this land & the trailer will be stationary.
    Please respond. Thanks…Suzanne

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