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How to Get Rid of Weeds: The Fast and Easy Way!

How to get rid of weeds- the fast and easy way! Ya’ll. I may have stumbled across something that changes the way I garden forever! Let me tell you a little story… I was pretty distraught this weekend. My garden, due to my negligence, was completely full of weeds and grass. So much so that I thought I might just have to abandon it and see if anything grows in between the weeds and grass. Continue reading

Love Weekends: Work, Work, Work, Work

sunflower bud Some weekends are fun and relaxing, but others are just plain work. To be honest, this weekend was mostly work. There was cleaning and garden weeding to be done. There were clothes to put away and lunches to be made. On Wednesday George will be heading out of town for work and I wanted to get a few things done before he left.

garden after rain heirloom tomato on the vine

It’s been raining quite a bit around these parts. And my garden is loving it. Check out the blush on that tomato!

spider guarding tomatoes This dude is guarding my tomatoes.

necklace handmade dalmatian jasper

I did have a little chance to work on some jewelry this weekend. I’m in love with this dalmatian jasper. I think the most beautiful stones are the ones that are imperfect.

Was your weekend mostly work? Let me know in the comments!



The Biggest Before and After EVER!


The old library shelving



We had our reference section sitting on our study carrels for 6 months because the shelving collapsed when we tried to move it : /


I’ve been absent ’round these parts because… (dun, dun, dun!) I’ve had a huge project at work (whomp, whomp). But this is no ordinary project. Last year, I wrote a request to the senior leadership team at my school to fund new library shelving. The old shelving was falling apart. Literally. The furniture in the library was all original to the school, so it has been there since 1969! After much fighting, scraping and the occasional tear, we got the go ahead for new shelving!

Today I am happy to bring you the biggest “Before and After” this blog has ever seen!



I no longer feel like I might get assaulted when I re-shelve books!

I no longer feel like I might get assaulted when I re-shelve books!

Our new bright, airy stacks!

It has been a long process. We weeded 6,000 books from the collection. We researched and designed shelves. And we physically moved and re-shelved 24,000 books.

I am tired. My body hurts. I didn’t know being a librarian often involves so much physical labor. I actually soaked in Epsom salts last night. I am an old lady, but a happy old lady who knows that hard work pays off.


Love Quotes: The Mariner’s Bride

Pheobe Cary PoemWe are going through a huge weeding process at work. Weeding is just a fancy librarian term for taking books out of the library. We weed to get some of the outdated titles off the shelf to make room for updated titles. Anyway, last week when I was weeding I came across a very old book (1880-I think) of Pheobe Cary’s Poems. The first page that I happened to open had the loveliest poem inscribed. The poem was entitled The Mariner’s Bride and told the tale of a sailor’s love for his bride. The line written in the picture above really resonated with me. I don’t think it is for me, but this poem would make lovely wedding vows for a sea-faring couple. The poem and book in it’s¬†entirety¬†can be found here.

Did you incorporate literature in your wedding vows? Let me know how in the comments.