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14 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men Under $10

valentine's day gifts for men under $10 Shopping for dudes is challenging– especially when you’re on a budget. But after my $100 holiday challenge, I learned that shopping for they guys in my life isn’t so bad if I do my research. And here’s the best part: I did the research for you! Today I’m sharing 14 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men Under $10. And bonus: they’re all available to buy online, so you can stick with your budget, no excuses! Just click the picture below to buy.

Siracha Keychain
This Siracha keychain is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while. It’s perfect for the hot sauce lover (which is almost every man I know.) I kind of want one for myself too!

Bark Thins
Bark Thinks are George’s and my favorite new snack. It’s a departure from the regular ol’ V-day candy and with add-ins like pumpkin seed you can pretend like these dark chocolate delights are good for you.

Tanka bar
Tanka bars are another one of our favorite snacks. Tanka bars are buffalo jerky with a touch of added sweetness from cranberries. They’re gluten-free, nitrate-free, msg-free, hormone-free AND it’s a native owned company.

Chillin’ Cubes
I’ve been thinking about buying these ice cubes for wine and iced coffee for sometime. They’d also make the perfect gift for the whiskey or scotch drinker in your life. And at less than $10, they’re a steal.

Copper cup
I wanted to buy everyone copper cups for Moscoe Mule makin’ this Christmas, but man, they are expensive. This one I found online is a total deal though. And it’s pretty too!

These things really work! I recently tested them at a friend’s house and wow! They really do keep your beer cold. Beerzicles would be perfect for those pool parties I’ve been dreaming about.

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener
Every man cave needs a wall mounted bottle opener! And this one is so pretty I wouldn’t mind it being in a woman’s cave either!

Rosewood Pocket Comb
This teensy tiny wooden comb is perfect for combing unruly, manly facial hair. It even fits in your man’s pocket or wallet!

Working Hands Cream
I specifically put this one on here for my man, George. Honey, you need this hand cream. He’s a manly man, but sometimes manly mens need to take care of their rough hands!

Slouchy Beanie
This slouchy beanie is perfectly slouchy. So cute for men or ladies!

Wool Socks
These Wigwam socks are so warm. I have a pair myself and I love them! The gift of warm feet is gold!

Emergency Fire Starter
This emergency fire starter would be great for the woodsy man in your life. Or even the not-so-woodsy one. You never know when you’ll need an emergency fire starter.

Swiss Tech Key Ring
I’m amazed at all the things this little key ring can do. It’s multiple screwdrivers, including a flat screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver, and a micro-sized screwdriver. It also includes a bottle opener, straight blade knife, and serrated blade knife. What else do you need?!

Digital tire pressure gauge
This digital tire pressure gauge is a deal! I’ll never have to stop at a gas station again to check my tire pressure? Yes, please.

And if you’re more the homemade type, last year I made these cute printables to add to bagged nuts. Print them out, bag some nuts and go enjoy your valentine!


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