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A Small Life Pins! And Our 3 Year Full-Time Anniversary!

Truck and Camper Pin! It’s been three years living in the Airstream, so to celebrate, I had pins printed!

  • These limited edition, soft enamel pins are available now on my products page.
  • The pins are $13.99 for my U.S. readers and $18.99 for the International folks.
  • Free shipping!

Thanks for all the support over the years.
love, love, love,

Link Love: 60

Link Love I’ll get more informational posts up when I can, but until then… it’s Link Love!

Something “comes up” every month, so you might as well budget for it. It happens.

What to do if you’ve fallen off your diet or good habits. Again, it happens.

These blinds contain flexible solar panels. We live in the future, ya’ll.

This shack and vintage camper house are super cute.

This couple built an “earthbag” home for $5,000.

This little A-frame cabin in the redwoods is dreamy.

I love a wood stove. Some of these even incorporate a cooking stove into the design.

Beware the cost of minimalism!

Melissa’s pictures of Iceland make me pumped for our trip in December.

And since Halloween will be here shortly… Cheap and easy costume ideas from Halloweens past and Cheap and easy costumes for dogs! Who doesn’t love a dog in costume?!

I hope you have a restful weekend!

Houseless, not Homeless

Houseless not homeless Last week we had a funny thing happen. Someone that George had known from the church he went to when he was growing up dropped off a card full of cash at our house! Apparently they had heard that George was unemployed (he’s not) and that we were having a hard time (we’re not). But they also had driven by and saw the trailer, so they assumed all of that information was correct. It was a super sweet gesture and I was certainly happy to receive the gift, but we are not “in need.” We’ve returned the money and I thought it might be nice to share the letter that I attached to the money. The long of the short of it is: We consider ourselves to be houseless, not homeless.

Dear _______________,

Thank you so much for your generous gift. It is comforting to know that in a time of need, neighbors, friends and strangers will be there for you. I am writing to you today because this is not our time of need and we cannot accept your gift. Please let me explain.

Almost two years ago, George and I were at a crossroads. I had a new job opportunity in the area. Unfortunately, the job requires me to work evenings. I knew with both of us working “regular jobs,” we would rarely get to see each other. At the same time, George was working as a teacher by day and illustrating by night. Together we made the decision that George should quit his teaching job to pursue his art full-time. In order to get George’s business off the ground, we knew that we would have to make some sacrifices. I make a decent wage at my job, but we knew that it would be difficult to pay rent or buy a house and establish a small business at the same time. Therefore, we decided to live a simpler, smaller life. It is the best decision we have ever made. I know it may look strange to others, but our lifestyle was and is our choice. We consider ourselves very lucky. Neither George nor I have ever known hunger and this lifestyle has given us the ability to save money to pursue our dreams.

I cannot thank you enough for your concern and your gift. Knowing that people care about us is a gift in and of itself.

Thank you,
Melanie and George

Matthew 6:22 “The lamp of the body is the eye. If, then, your eye is simple, your whole body will be bright.”

Have anyone ever thought you were in need due to your lifestyle choices? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!


Link Love: 30

Link Love I did an extensive interview over on Hey Eleanor! I dished the dirt on why we quit traditional housing and what everyday life is like for us full-timers. Quitters: We moved into Our 1978 Airstream Sovereign.

This 484 square foot house in the Austrian Alps is what dreams are made of.

This grain silo home is so gorgeous, modern and clean. I had no idea grain solos could look so good!

This lady does a great job of documenting the process of remodeling a vintage trailer. Start here.

This guy converted a van into his home for $8,000. We hope to do it for a lot less, but man, his story is inspiring!

Microhouses on Portlandia. All the laugh/cry emojis.

One secret to success that is available to everyone.

What to buy and what not to buy at the Dollar Store.

14 tips for shopping on Amazon. I didn’t even know all these tips and I’m an Amazon fanatic.

This is what I look like without makeup. I don’t think I wear a lot of makeup, but I also don’t leave the house without mascara on. I found this article terrifying and brave. Makeup minimalism?!

Let’s fist pump it to Friday!



Link Love: 23

Link Love I’m planning a conference at work and this week I’ve really been struggling to balance it all. Let’s escape with a little Link Love, shall we?!

94 sq. foot boiler room turned into a gorgeous home!

This 5th wheel tiny home didn’t look so bad before, but the after looks so fresh and clean!

DIY window insulation made from ironing board cover material. (It’s kind of ugly, but also kind of genius!)

Did you know you can watch some of the Tiny House Nation shows for free over on the FYI website? Save me from myself.

I’ve been dreaming about a little vacation lately. This tiny castle in the mountains will do just fine, thanks!

I love the idea of a seasonless closet.

The contentment habit.

Tips for living on “next to nothing.”

Some good tips on how to ease your family into minimalist living.

This is an older article, but an inspiring one– this guy made $28,267.21 from blogging. #lifegoals

I’ve been doing these stress-busting yoga moves on my lunch break and before I go to bed. It’s kind of working?

How’s your week been? Do you need the weekend as much as I do right now? Talk to me in the comments.


Love Weekends: October, Schmoctober

Airstream trailerAs much as I wax poetic about how much I love the fall and in particular, October, it always means things speed up. And let’s be real, I like to take it slow. October means something is happening every weekend and I’ve got a million social (and work-related) events. October means I need to prioritize or I end up getting sick.

I’ve already been feeling the heat (or cool?) of October and it isn’t even upon us. I’ve already fallen victim to a fall cold and I’ve been slacking on the blog. There’s just not enough hours in the day.

Woodchuck pumpkin But enough excuses. I did carve out a little time this weekend to eat dinner outside with friends. I even enjoyed the elusive Woodchuck Pumpkin flavor. Although, I wasn’t super impressed. Can someone PUH-LEASE make a gluten-free beer that tastes like pumpkin pie? My life would be complete.


What did you do this past weekend?



The Hazards of Owning an Airstream

I thought it might be funny (and informative?) to detail some of the unexpected and slightly expected hazards we experienced when fixing up the Airstream.

My hand swollen to about double its normal size.

My hand swollen to about double its normal size.

1. Relentless bug bites

When waxing the Airstream I forgot to put on bug spray and got 4 mosquito bites on one hand. It swelled up like a ballon. Tip: Keep bug spray in the trailer while you are working on it.

Sad because he's itchy.

Sad because he’s itchy.

2. Severe Poision Ivy

George had to clear some land for us to park the airstream on for the time being. He got the worst case of poison ivy I’ve ever seen. Seriously, it should have been in a medical book. Tip: Work in an area without poison ivy or get a goat to gobble up the poison ivy/oak/sumack.

Wasps in a frenzy 3.  The critters

So.Many.Spiders, (several) mice, wasps. We pretty much saw every critter possible either in the trailer or make an attempt to infiltrate the trailer. The wasps particularly loved trying to make a home in the trailer’s little openings. Tip: Spray all the Airstream’s crevices inside and out with bug spray or use homemade remedies as soon as you. It’s easier to prevent the critters than clean them out.


4. The inescapable heat

Working on or in a reflective surface in July in the south. You can imagine. Tip: If I had all the time in the world, I probably would have worked on the Airstream in the fall. If I had all the money in the world, I would have worked on the Airstream in a garage. Climate control.


One of the best purchases we made.

One of the best purchases we made.

5. The mold

Airstreams and RVs in general are notorious for leaking and getting moldy. Even the walls in trailer were covered in mildew. Tip: Make sure you get to the bottom of the mold. It may require ripping up floors or furniture. It’s worth peace of mind to know it is clean and mold-free. Also, make sure you reseal all the windows and the door. Since we live in the humid south, we also took it once step further and bought a dehumidifier to keep the humidity down inside the trailer.

The Porcelain Throne

The Porcelain Throne

6. The poop

Let’s just say I’ve learned more about plumbing and septic in the last two months than I learned in the last 27 years. Tip: Read forum advice and (although I kind of hate saying this as a librarian) Google it!

Owning an Airstream isn’t always glamorous, but it’s an education. And it’s fun.