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Link Love: 51

Link Love There’s so much to love this week!

We were featured on a Canadian non-profit housing website!

I get asked a lot about parking our Airstream. This website is filling the need of renting land for tiny houses.

This empty Sicilian town is giving away houses. Let’s all go!!!

Decluttering is the new juice cleanse (and equally annoying). I love decluttering, but I agree that “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” didn’t spark joy in me. (Here’s my thoughts on it.)

This week I talked about how we minimized books and art supplies. This guy gave away 1,000 books and learned to love reading again.

Want to never have kids? Calculate how much just the first year of their life will cost.

And similarly, systemically(?), Millennial men aren’t the dads they thought they’d be. This is a complicated problem, but I think a large part of the issue is the lack of paid maternity leave for men and women and inflexible work schedules.

Find The Thing You’re Most Passionate About, Then Do It On Nights And Weekends For The Rest Of Your Life. This is from The Onion, so obviously it’s a parody. It had me rolling because it was #tooreal.

Advice for people in their 20s. And pretty much everyone.

Become financially independent with these 5 habits.

How walking in nature changes your brain. Thoreau had it right.

And for when you can’t get out in nature… How to meditate anywhere.

Do fewer things, more often.

Similarly, stop worrying about what you’re not doing. I need to read this every day.

50 happy little things Bob Ross taught me. My favorite is: “Just scrape in a few indications of sticks and twigs and other little things in there. People will think you spend hours doing this.” So funny and so wise.

What if teachers were treated like professional athletes? Such a smart piece.


Tuesday Thoughts: Man’s Heart Away From Nature Becomes Hard

man's heart away from nature becomes hard

“Man’s heart away from nature becomes hard.” -Standing Bear

One of the unexpected benefits of living in our Airstream has been getting closer to nature. I’m so much more aware of the seasons than I was when we lived in an apartment. I can now head into my backyard and see the beans growing or the field barren. I hear the rain on the roof and I  can feel the hot sun through our windows.

I used to think I wasn’t an outside person. There’s bugs and creatures and humidity out there! But there’s also a softness and quietness about living closer to nature. Nature is the ultimate minimalist.


Tuesday Thoughts: Nature Does Not Hurry

Nature does not hurry

Mother nature doesn’t hurry, but she gets shit done.

Here’s hoping your Tuesday is full of unhurried productiveness!


Tips and Tricks for Campfire Cooking

Tips for campfire cooking We’re pretty much cave people now. Livin’ in the woods, not brushing our hair, makin’ jerky. Before we start picking bugs off each other to eat, I thought I’d share tips on my new favorite, cave (wo)man way to cook– AN OPEN FLAME!

The thought of a large open flame near my beautiful home still scares me a bit. I usually make George actually start the fire, but I’m not afraid to saute and grill like I’m Bobby Flay once the flame dies down.

Here’s some of the best tips I’ve learned from our campfire adventures.

1. You don’t have to go camping to cook over a fire. Building a fire in your backyard (if it’s permitted) is even more fun because you don’t have to lug all that stuff around. Plus, if you are cooking something a little stinky, like fish, it doesn’t smell up your house!

2. Build your fire with dry, untreated wood. You’ll never get a fire started with wet wood and you definitely don’t want to build a cooking fire with chemically treated wood. Umm, gross.

3. Learn how to correctly build a fire. We’re partial to the pyramid or tenting method.

4. Don’t limit yourself! Campfire cooking doesn’t have to be all hotdogs and hamburgers. I’m all for a good greasy burger and some Heb Natties, but campfire cooking can also be adventurous! If you have a cast iron skillet, you can cook almost anything on a fire! Which brings me to the next tip…

5. Have the right equipment. You don’t need a lot of stuff to cook on a fire. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Cave men cooked with sticks. A lighter, a cast iron skillet and an old oven or grill grate works great. (Get it?!) It’s what we use! You can make almost anything in a cast iron skillet. I should be their spokesperson, I love ’em so much. I’d also recommend a heat-proof oven mit, like the Ove Glove. I thought that thing was an infomercial joke, but, man it works!

6. Remember the oil and spices! Throw some olive oil, salt, pepper, your favorite spice and a potato or protein into a tin foil envelope. And voila! You’ve got a hobo packet. Really, that’s what they’re called and it’s delicious.

Cooking on Campfire Coals

7. Be patient. Don’t try to cook when the flame is still high. Wait until the flame dies down, or wait until there are only coals or wood chips left. You can even cook directly on the coals or wood chips! (See photo above!)

8. Be safe. If you are ready to go to bed or leave the area, be sure to douse your fire with water. Fires can get out of control real quick and “only you can prevent forest fires.”

9. Keep it fun. Campfire cooking is all about fun. It always requires marshmallows and maybe a few beers.

Have you been campfire cooking? Got any tips? Let me know in the comments.





Love Weekends: October, Schmoctober

Airstream trailerAs much as I wax poetic about how much I love the fall and in particular, October, it always means things speed up. And let’s be real, I like to take it slow. October means something is happening every weekend and I’ve got a million social (and work-related) events. October means I need to prioritize or I end up getting sick.

I’ve already been feeling the heat (or cool?) of October and it isn’t even upon us. I’ve already fallen victim to a fall cold and I’ve been slacking on the blog. There’s just not enough hours in the day.

Woodchuck pumpkin But enough excuses. I did carve out a little time this weekend to eat dinner outside with friends. I even enjoyed the elusive Woodchuck Pumpkin flavor. Although, I wasn’t super impressed. Can someone PUH-LEASE make a gluten-free beer that tastes like pumpkin pie? My life would be complete.


What did you do this past weekend?



Love Weekends: Campfire Breakfasts

Whipping up some magicIt’s kind of sad that I know fall is here from the barrage of pumpkin spice lattes on my Instagram feed. But ya know what, I don’t care because I FREAKING LOVE FALL and I FREAKING LOVE PUMPKIN EVERYTHING. The holidays are not the most wonderful time of the year, fall is. So take that holiday season! I could wax poetic all day about how awesome/beautiful/amazing fall is, but instead I’m going to show you how we rang in the new season…

MMMMM SausageA campfire breakfast!

sausage and eggs!Seriously folks, campfire cooking is surprisingly easy and you can even do it in your backyard. Bonus, you don’t have to sleep outside! George got the fire going in our homemade fire pit, I threw some locally sourced sausage and eggs into a cast iron skillet and bam! We had a glorious outdoorsy breakfast in the newly-arrived fall weather. You can’t pay for these experiences, folks.

What have you done to ring in the new season? Let me know in the comments!



Love Adventure

Last weekend, George and I went on a motorcycle ride to the Great Dismal Swamp. Although the swamp isn’t far from our house, it was quite the adventure. Prior to the trip, I had only rode on George’s bike at about 45 mph. I’m not afraid to admit that at 70 mph, I was holding on for dear life. George is terribly ticklish and he said I had to stop holding him in a death grip because he might die from laughter. I managed to get a few snapshots on the bike after I got my courage up.

The swamp has a man-made canal! Next time, I want to take my canoe down the canal.

We had a picnic and watched boats sail down the canal.

We made jokes about this guy’s “dingy” hanging out.

And on the way back home, I got up my nerve enough to take a couple of pictures from the bike.

What kind of adventures do you have planned this weekend?