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Our New Home

Our New Home! First things first: we bought a small house! That hunk o’ junk in the picture above is ours!

Ok, ok, I know this might seem like it is coming out of the blue, but it’s actually been a long time coming. Let me explain: the real, honest truth is that we purchased this house months ago. But I had a full-time job outside of this blog that I was trying to protect and I couldn’t tell anyone online because the house we bought is quite far from our current Airstream home– like 4 hours away. But I can now spill the beans because I recently quit my job and fingers crossed, we’ll be moving to our new location and our new home soon. Continue reading

A Very Lucky and Eventful Weekend

tree To call this weekend eventful is an understatement. I’m finally at my new job! Did I tell you all that? I’ve been there about two weeks and I’ve already experienced two power outages. On Thursday, as I tried to leave work, a policeman urged me head back inside. There were tornado warnings and not long after I (begrudgingly) went back in the library, a huge storm blew through.

After it all blew over, I called George immediately. His first words were “don’t freak out.” My mind immediately went to the airstream. I thought something terrible happened to it. Luckily, so luckily, the two 100 year old oak trees (above) fell into the barn and not our soon-to-be home.

But it was close, so close. I’m not very religious, but I think someone was looking out for us.


We also moved out this weekend. I’m excited to save money. I’m excited that George will be able to pursue his art full-time. And I’m excited to start the next chapter of our lives.

Was your weekend eventful? Let me know in the comments!




The bun gives me super librarian powers.

I’m happy to report that after a long, hard journey I finally got a new job! I will be moving closer to my family and to a big (to me) city. I couldn’t be more excited.

I was hoping that this summer would be a relaxing one, anddddd now it won’t be, but I’m thankful for the change. I’ve never been 100% happy with my current job. I love being a librarian, but it is a struggle for me to live in a rural area away from most of the people that I love.

Now comes the moving part! I’m dreading the actual process of packing my things up once again. I’ve moved eleven times in the past ten years. Insane? Yes, probably. But so is life.

Do you have any big changes coming this summer? Tell me about them in the comments!