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Link Love: 66

Morning at the Airstream

I’m thinking of trying something a touch different with Link Love and using a photo of what’s going on in my life that week. This semester I had the chance to change my work schedule so I get up much earlier. I see the sunrise most mornings from the Airstream and I try to enjoy it. 🙂

I also think it makes more sense to publish Link Love on Fridays. It’s a delightful, almost-weekend treat and it gives me more time to discover the best of the web for that week. Let me know if you like the new format! Now on with Link Love! Continue reading

Chunky Knit Scarf and Tips for Working with Homespun Yarn

lion brand homespun yarn scarf folded Last time I was at home, my mom was admiring my knit capelet. Ok, so maybe she wasn’t admiring it so much as I was making her model it for me. I mean, she’s my mom, she has to be proud of my work, right? I was being an extremely annoying daughter that day and after I made her model for me, I drug her away from her J.C. Penny couponing to go to Hobby Lobby. It’s right across the street! She picked out some yarn so I could make something for her and man, oh man, my mom paid me back for annoying her. She somehow managed to pick out the most difficult yarn in the store to work with– this Lion Homespun Yarn.

lion brand homespun yarn scarf It’s a really pretty, textured yarn, but man, was it a pain in my tuchas. I found very few tips for working with this yarn online, so I’m sharing with you all what helped me to actually create something with the Lion Brand Homespun Yarn.

1. Work with needles larger than the ones recommended on the package. I ended up using size 19 needles after knitting a giant twisted ball of nothing on smaller needles.

2. Knit with two strands of yarn at the same time. The yarn is naturally twisty, so it twisted onto the other strand of yarn instead of onto itself. This will also make a chunkier knit.

3. Keep going. I abandoned this project several times because after I cast on it looked like a big ol’ mess. Only after I knitted the first few rows, could I see the scarf come together.

homespun yarn scarf I cast on 13 times for this scarf and in the end it turned out to be the perfect size for a chunky knit scarf.

Man, I wish I had this advice weeks ago! Have you ever had adventures with Lion Brand Homespun Yarn? Let me know in the comments!


Twine Knit Kitchen Scrubbie

twine scrubbie I use S.O.S. scrubbies like they are going out of style. I love how they get all the gunk off my cast iron pans, but I don’t love that I use them once or twice and they’re done. It’s such a waste of money and so not environmentally-friendly. I’ve seen people knit with twine and I knew that the roughness of twine would make the perfect DIY scrubbie.

Airstream Sink To make the twine scrubbie all you need is some knitting needles and twine. I used size 15 needles, but you could go with smaller needles if you want a tighter knit. I cast on 5 times and created 6 rows. The scrubbie will end up the size of a kitchen sponge.

I love the way the knit scrubbie looks and it’s a nice little money saver. It almost makes me want to do dishes. Almost.


Extra Chunky Capelet

Chunky Capelet I’ve been knitting like a squirrel hiding nuts for winter. And in some ways, I feel like that squirrel. I’m bracing myself for another cold snap tonight, but I’m not scared. I’ve made a super warm scarf/capelet (it’s convertible!) and I will sleep in it if I must. My southern, wimpy body can’t take too much cold!

Capelet detail To make this capelet, I used two skeins of extra bulky yarn and cast on 90 times. I just knit like a mad woman. Out of control.

This project is great for beginning knitters, like myself, and I can wear this cape at least 10 ways. If you need me, I’ll be in my trailer, under a heated blanket, wearing this capelet.

Stay warm, friends!


A Knitted Baby Cape!

Baby Cape Closeup This may have been my first knitting project, but it is safe to say I am addicted. I don’t always stick with projects or crafts. Learning is the best part! But knitting really has me hooked. (Get it?!) I got a little ambitious and decided that I wanted to make something for my niece’s 2nd birthday.

I’m no expert and I still have a lot to learn. I used one skein of yarn (111 yards) in Yarn Bee’s “super bulky” eggnog color yarn. I cast on for 55 stitches using size 13 needles. I then just knitted using a basic stitch until almost all the yarn was gone. Then I finished it up using this technique.  Finally, I added a button and a loop to close the cape.

Knitted baby cape I’m so proud of how it turned out. I can’t wait to see pictures of my niece wearing it this winter. She’s a cutie.

Do you all knit? I want to see your projects in the comments!