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Tuesday Thoughts: Things Do Not Happen. Things Are Made To Happen.

Things do not happen, things are made to happen “Things do not happen. Things are made to happen.” -JFK

I’m very lucky, but most of my luck comes from plain ol’ hard work. There’s no secret powers, juices or potions. (Although I totally wish there were!) If there’s something you want, I hope you know with really hard work and perseverance, you can make it happen. We both can.

Happy Tuesday!


Tuesday Thoughts: There is No Final Destination to Our Journey

There is no final destination to our journey. As someone who is goal-oriented it can be hard to remember that the end goal is not always the goal. As people, our final destinations are the same, but our journeys are different. And the journey is what counts.

Let me know how you’re making it count in the comments.


Airstream Inspiration

I feel guilty about not being “productive” this weekend. Do you ever feel that way? Learning to relax is definitely something I need to work on.

Tropical Storm Andrea put a damper on our Airstream progress. This past weekend, we had planned to install the floor, but it rained crazy-hard. And when it wasn’t raining, it was a humid, unbearable 95 degrees. Gotta love living in the south!

But instead of staring longingly out of the window at the airstream, I decided to make myself at least feel productive by looking for inspiration for the Airstream’s interior.

A few of my favorites are below.

For the source, just click on the picture!

Airstream Kitchen

This is my ultimate inspiration. I love the clean lines and the bright white in this airstream.

Kristiana Spaulding.DCR010

I adore this desk! It folds down for more space.  Gorgeous and genius. It’s the Natalie Portman of desks.

babmi ii bed silvertrailer The storage under the bed in this Bambi airstream is so clever. And I just want to climb in that bed!


Although it isn’t an airstream, I really admire the woodwork that went into this bus. I also love the pattern mixing in the textiles. Custom woodwork and pattern mixing are two aspects I want to incorporate into our own design.

For more of my airstream inspiration, follow my board on Pinterest!


How Living in a Small, Rural Community Has Made Me More Thankful

goodbye, little one.

goodbye, little one.

I need to confess. I’ve had vivid fantasies of throwing a lit match onto a trail of gasoline as I speed out of my small town in my Civic and Alex Clare’s Too Close plays on the radio. Some days, leaving my town in a blaze of glory sounds so appealing. But as I was spackling up the nail holes in my apartment walls this weekend, I realized this place has taught me more than I could have ever imagined.

I hate to admit it, but the most valuable lesson my small, rural community has taught me is thankfulness. I took so many things for granted living in big(ger) city.

I risk sounding like a spoiled brat when I say this but, I’ve missed my little conveniences. A trip to Starbucks, a late-night run to the grocery store, more than one place to eat, a real bar!

I will be incredibly thankful to have my little conveniences back. But even more than those little things, I’ve become more thankful for big things too.

I’m thankful I have a loving husband.
I’m thankful I have an education.
I’m thankful I am literate.
I’m thankful I have supportive family.
I’m thankful I have a home.

I know I didn’t move to a third world country, but I took for granted so many things before moving to this small, rural community. I serve students and community members every day that have none of the “big things” I possess.

Thank you, little town, for teaching me to be more thankful. I won’t forget you.


Potential is More Important than Experience



The job market is tough. I’ve been attempting to relocate for over a year, but it is much more difficult than I ever imagined. I’m just trying to remind myself that things happen for a reason and I have infinite potential. It just seems that quantity of experience keeps beating me. I have a great quality and variety of career experience, but my limited years of experience seem to be a hard thing to look past.

In the past year I’ve applied to almost 100 jobs. I’ve had the pleasure of one interview and zero job offers. It is a struggle. Some days there are feelings of inadequacy followed by hope, followed by hopelessness. I’ve tailored my résumé to each job and spent countless hours researching and filling out applications. And it’s hard to remain positive.

I thought the job market was better than it was 4 years ago when I completed my undergraduate degree. I went back to school because the job market was so tough. Now I have a job and I am incredibly thankful for it, but my job is in a rural location with very little potential for growth. George and I have big city dreams.

I thought of the quote in the picture above when I was trying to be cheer myself up. I want it to be true. I want my potential to outweigh my limited quantity of experience. I don’t want to work with someone who can’t see the amazing person that I am, the amazing work I currently do, and the amazing work I have the ability to do in the future.

I also think the above quote applies to all aspects of someone’s life– not just career life. You shouldn’t be romantically involved with someone who can’t recognize your potential. You shouldn’t be friends with someone who brings you down and doesn’t see the amazing person you are.

What do you think? Is potential more important than experience? Are you struggling in the current job market? Let me know in the comments!