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Happy New Year!

I’m not big on resolutions, but I do like to have a guiding One Little Word for the year. The premise is simple– just pick one word to guide you through the year. I’ve found that it’s easier and more impactful than a resolution.

Last year’s word was brave. And man, oh man, there were times I had to be brave.  2016 challenged me. Mostly in ways too personal to share. I learned a lot about myself. I wrote a book! I released a pin! I gave up things that no longer served me and I made some big decisions. I was brave. My 2017 word is “leap.” And here’s why…

The Myers-Briggs personality test classifies me as an INTJ. It’s actually one of the more rare personality types and it’s even more rare for women. Being an INTJ means I’m a great researcher, but I think (and worry) too much. This year I want to take more risks. I’ve never regretted the biggest risks in my life– like living full-time in the Airstream, marrying George or adopting my beloved pup, Bambi. This year I want to leap more and worry less about the (often times imagined negative) consequences.

What are your goals for 2017? Do you have a one little word? I want to hear about it in the comments!

Do you want to make the leap to living full-time in an RV, Airstream or motor home? I wrote a guide on how to live that life, available here. It’s truly one of the best leaps I’ve ever made.

Frugal Friday: Use Little Reminders to Encourage Saving Money

I wrapped a picture of this little cottage around my credit and debit cards. It's kind of my dream house! Found via Tumble Weed Houses.

I wrapped a picture of this little cottage around my credit and debit cards. It’s kind of my dream house! Found via Tumble Weed Houses.

One of my favorite tips for long-term saving is to keep little reminders of my savings goals in convenient places. When I was saving for our trip to Key West, I wrapped a picture of the beach around my debit and credit card to guilt me into spending less.

Just yesterday, I printed out a picture of a small home and wrapped it around my cards to remind me of my savings end goal. Since saving for a home is such a large goal, I want to create constant reminders to help me stay on the savings bandwagon.

I’ve changed my computer’s background image to a picture of the mountains– where we’d love to have a little cottage (or cabin!). And I also love this idea via Two Cents of creating a paper chain to represent debt. Each time $100 is paid off, a link is removed. I don’t have the room for a giant paper chain in the Airstream, but I’m brainstorming ways to visually remind myself of my ultimate goal of owning a house.

Have you ever created little reminders to help you reach a goal? Let me know about it in the comments!

love (and happy 4th!),