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Love Weekends: It’s Strawberry Season!

strawberry fields 1 I went a touch overboard on the strawberry picking. In fact, I stayed up until 1:30 am last night cutting up strawberries. I just had to. It was a huge money saver. The strawberries were something like $1.60 per pound. And farm-fresh strawberries are so much better than store-bought. I froze a bunch for smoothies, gave some away and dehydrated a metric ton for our road trip. Ok, maybe not a ton, but a lot.

Strawberry fields 2 This weekend I also gave the commencement speech at my alma mater. It was only the departmental graduation, but still, it was kind of an insane honor. I was super nervous and I spent the majority of last week perfecting the speech. I’ll post it here tomorrow. It was actually a really good exercise and I feel like I really summed up the past 6 years of my life. I also think I gave some killer advice. We’ll see what you all think. 🙂

strawberries! On Sunday I also visited my mom. We shopped using coupons and I got several shirts and a couple of bowls for a little bit of nothing. Hey, it’s what she wanted to do for Mother’s Day, I swear. She’s a shopping Sherpa. I always leave the store feeling like I just ran a marathon.

How was your weekend? Do anything exciting? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!


Love Weekends: Pumpkin All the Things

dream house I’m one of those people. Those people that get excited about pumpkin an-y-thing. Pumpkin M&Ms, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin cider, I’m game to try anything pumpkin-flavored. I’m the same way with avocados. What, you topped that with avocados? I’ll try it.

pumpkin on the vine

This weekend I went a little off the deep end. I had pumpkin at every meal. Pumpkin pancakes for brunch, pumpkin bbq chicken for dinner. We went pumpkin picking. I can’t get enough. Maybe I need a little rehab. Or maybe I just need more pumpkins.

pumpkin murder pumpkin field We were super pumped to find a farm that let us pick the pumpkins straight off the vine.

Was your weekend pumpkin-filled? Let me know in the comments!

love and punkin’s