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How Living in a Small, Rural Community Has Made Me More Thankful

goodbye, little one.

goodbye, little one.

I need to confess. I’ve had vivid fantasies of throwing a lit match onto a trail of gasoline as I speed out of my small town in my Civic and Alex Clare’s Too Close plays on the radio. Some days, leaving my town in a blaze of glory sounds so appealing. But as I was spackling up the nail holes in my apartment walls this weekend, I realized this place has taught me more than I could have ever imagined.

I hate to admit it, but the most valuable lesson my small, rural community has taught me is thankfulness. I took so many things for granted living in big(ger) city.

I risk sounding like a spoiled brat when I say this but, I’ve missed my little conveniences. A trip to Starbucks, a late-night run to the grocery store, more than one place to eat, a real bar!

I will be incredibly thankful to have my little conveniences back. But even more than those little things, I’ve become more thankful for big things too.

I’m thankful I have a loving husband.
I’m thankful I have an education.
I’m thankful I am literate.
I’m thankful I have supportive family.
I’m thankful I have a home.

I know I didn’t move to a third world country, but I took for granted so many things before moving to this small, rural community. I serve students and community members every day that have none of the “big things” I possess.

Thank you, little town, for teaching me to be more thankful. I won’t forget you.




The bun gives me super librarian powers.

I’m happy to report that after a long, hard journey I finally got a new job! I will be moving closer to my family and to a big (to me) city. I couldn’t be more excited.

I was hoping that this summer would be a relaxing one, anddddd now it won’t be, but I’m thankful for the change. I’ve never been 100% happy with my current job. I love being a librarian, but it is a struggle for me to live in a rural area away from most of the people that I love.

Now comes the moving part! I’m dreading the actual process of packing my things up once again. I’ve moved eleven times in the past ten years. Insane? Yes, probably. But so is life.

Do you have any big changes coming this summer? Tell me about them in the comments!


What do YOU want from Love Library? A Reader’s Survey

Reporting to duty!

Your willing and able blog host reporting for duty!


Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about where I want to take this blog. And if I’m being honest, I’ve been thinking a lot about the direction of my life too. I’ve got some major life changes coming up– good ones I think– and I’ve had to put on my big girl pants more than once these past couple of weeks and woman up.

Which leads me to this question… What do you all want from this blog? I need sage advice from my loyal and beautiful readers. I’m by no means a professional blogger and some days I struggle with things like:

  • Topics – are there topics (specific or general) you’d like covered in the coming months?
  • Types of Posts – DIY, recipes, books, fashion, personal stuff…. have your say about what you like most/least
  • Posting Frequency – too many posts, not enough, just right?
  • Design – I am planning a blog redesign this summer – so your comments and ideas would be helpful at this point
  • Blog Features – what would make your reader experience better?
  • Community – Are there features that you’d like added to help connect more? Do you feel connected to me?
  • Services and Tools – what could I offer you to help you improve your life?
  • What Frustrates You about  Love Library? What is Best about it?
  • Other Ideas and Feedback – anything goes, big or little.

This list was heavily created from this post on Problogger.

Please leave your answers to one or all questions in the comments. I will leave the survey up indefinitely, but I will offer up the prize of a free book to one lucky, randomly selected commenter on Wednesday, May 1, 2013. The winner can be a previous winner and does not have to be a citizen of the U.S.A.

Please help me improve!

love always,