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40 Fast Ways To Clear Clutter

Fast Ways to Clear Clutter
We’re all #busy and sometimes cleaning is the last thing on our minds. I get it. But when we have less things, there’s less to clean. That’s why it’s important to periodically weed clutter from our lives. Taking the time to clear clutter can be time consuming, but if we do just a little bit each day, we’ll have less stuff in no time. Here’s 40 fast ways I’ve found to clear clutter.

  1. Use Unroll me to get clean up your inbox.
  2. Challenge yourself to get rid of one thing per day for a week.
  3. Challenge yourself to get rid of one thing everyday for a month.
  4. Send yourself a daily reminder email or alarm to declutter just one area of your house.
  5. Get rid of something as soon as you wake up in the morning.
  6. Don’t let yourself go to sleep without getting rid of something.
  7. Set a no-buy day. Don’t allow yourself to buy anything on Mondays.
  8. Before you bring anything new into the house, get rid of something old.
  9. Before every birthday or gift-giving holiday, donate something.
  10. Ask for experience gifts, like massages or movie theater gift cards for birthdays and holidays.
  11. Have a “no gifts” policy.
  12. Challenge everyone in your house to get rid of three things.
  13. Go digital! Start scanning old pictures and documents.
  14. Get rid of duplicates in one room or area of your home.
  15. Set a timer for 5 minutes, challenge yourself to get rid of as many things as possible.
  16. Cut cable– it clutters up your mind!
  17. Fill one trash bag with junk to be thrown away.
  18. Fill one trash bag with things to be donated.
  19. Clear off your kitchen counter.
  20. Clean out one drawer.
  21. Begin placing what you wear to one side of the closet, after 30 days clear out the things you haven’t worn.
  22. Put five things in their place.
  23. Straighten your bathroom while brushing your teeth.
  24. Clear your desk at the end of each day.
  25. Get rid of previous issues of magazines.
  26. Throw away expired foods.
  27. Throw away expired medicines.
  28. Go through your mail and throw the junk mail in the recycle bin.
  29. Sort through your sock drawer, throw away your holey socks.
  30. Label your spice drawer.
  31. Donate something you haven’t used in a year.
  32. Get rid of something from the most cluttered place in your home.
  33. Clean out your pantry.
  34. Make a meal with rarely used pantry items.
  35. Donate something you’ve been meaning to donate.
  36. Put the donation bag in your car so you don’t forget about it!
  37. Get rid of one “someday” or “just in case” item.
  38. The next time you “need” something, challenge yourself to make do with something you already own.
  39. Put a note in your wallet to remind you not to make unnecessary purchases.
  40. Make a gratitude list before your next shopping trip. You’ll be reminded that the best things in life aren’t things.

What are your favorite fast ways to clear clutter? Talk to me in the comments!