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Tuesday Thoughts: The Real Mistake

A failure is not always a mistake... the real mistake is to stop trying.

“A failure is not a mistake… the real mistake is to stop trying.”

Lately I’ve had a hard time keeping up with this blog. I love it, but sometimes it can be a real slog. I have a full-time job and a life. I see very little income from this endeavor and it’s easy to give up on it. No one is holding me accountable. It’s just me here. Negative thoughts can get to me from time to time, but I know that it would be a mistake to give up. My goal will always be to share my story of living small in order to help others do the same. It won’t change and I won’t stop trying.

Fist bump emoji and love,

Come work with me!

Desk in an Airstream

This little ol’ blog is growing! I just adore all the extra attention that it has gotten lately, but as someone with two jobs (other than this blog), a dog and a husband, I just can’t do it all. Sometimes a girl needs a little help. That’s why I’d like to hire a web developer to help me clean up some of the backend junk on my site and get a few new things going.

I’d love to hire someone who is already familiar with my site. This person needs to have knowledge of HTML, CSS, WordPress and SEO. This person can live anywhere, but they need to possess excellent email communication skills. If you think you can help, email me asmalllifemelanie at gmail.com and we can talk more about the details of the project. This is a paid position, obviously.

Please feel free to pass this along to friends! I hope to hear from you!


Perpetuating Positivity

moccasins I’m not a naturally positive person. I’m not. I always imagine the worst case scenario. But I do try my the best to find the best in other people because I have no idea what that person is going through. I don’t. And I share a lot on this blog, but you don’t know what I’m going through either.

I try to be understanding and positive. Oh my do I try. I have a full-time job that centers around customer service and if I didn’t try to see the best in people, I’d run out of there screaming. I also spend a damn lot of time on this blog. I don’t make money from this endeavor. I’d love to do so, but for now I’m spreading my knowledge and sharing my life with you all for free. And man do I appreciate anyone who reads this little blog.

But lately I’ve been getting more and more negative comments. And I do appreciate a healthy debate, but I must say once and for all that negativity and just plain rudeness will not be tolerated on this blog. I hate that I even have to acknowledge these anonymous meanies, but this will be the only time I do so. Just because someone saves money differently or has different living standards or even eats a different diet doesn’t make it wrong. Things in life aren’t black and white. What works for me might not work for you. That’s cool. Start your own blog with your own discoveries. But I won’t approve your mean and nasty comments here. As we southerners say, “I will not tolerate ugly talk.” This blog is about perpetuating the positive and living a small, honest life. 

Thank you to all my long-time readers. You bring joy to my life each and every day. I keep doing this because of you. 

As always. With love,

A New Look!

cropped-lovelibrarybannersmall.jpgThe blog got a new look! George designed this awesome new header and logo for me. The Airstream looks so cute and I think he really captured the spirit of what I’m trying to do here. I also updated the theme and changed a few features. Do you like it?

I’ve been trying for most of the summer to make the blog look a little more professional. I changed over to self-hosting and I’ve been trying to write more. It’s a work in progress, but I’m proud of the progress I’ve made. I’m the kind of person who wants everything now, now, now, so it has been a definitely been a test of patience to redesign the blog on my own.

Now if I can only learn how to make those cute clickable social media icons we’ll be in business!

love and patience,