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Happy Birthday, George!

Today is my love’s birthday. I love this dude more now than I did a year ago. We’ve been through so much in the past year and I couldn’t be prouder of you, George! You are patient, kind, handsome and so, so talented!

Happy Birthday, Georgie! I hope the next year is even happier than the last!

If you want to wish George a “Happy Birthday” follow him on Instagram or check out his website.

love your wife,

Love Adventure: Philadelphia!

This past weekend, George and I headed up to Philadelphia. George had drawn the poster for the Ride to Skate event and he wanted to sell a few prints. We were technically there on business, but we had plenty of time for pleasure too. Here’s a couple of snapshots from our weekend.

I had to take a picture at Love Park.

We ran… ok, walked… up the stairs at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Rocky was seriously fit.

I broke the Liberty Bell!

George skating at Ride to Skate.

And he sold a couple of prints…

It’s been hard to come down from the travel high. I didn’t have to cook, or clean, or do boring chores for 3 days. I had some amazing food and hung out at (gasp!) an actual bar. The trip definitely made me miss living in a bigger city. But que sera, sera. I had fun, had some new experiences and saw some new things. I’ll move back to a big city soon.

Have you ever been to Philadelphia?


Happy Spring!

Last night George and I painted eggs. We didn’t feel like spending money on dye, so we painted them with some cheap, non-toxic watercolors we had around the house. George did an amazing job, of course. He painted our faces on the eggs!


  • Paintbrushes
  • Watercolor paints
  • Water
  • Hard-boiled eggs

I kept my eggs more abstract since realism isn’t my talent.

I don’t condone eating the eggs after painting, since the watercolors aren’t technically edible, but it was nice to do something other than just sticking the eggs in some dye.

Hope you all have a relaxing holiday,