Airstream Remodel and Refresh

After four years of living in the Airstream, the ol’ girl was looking a little rough around the edges. We knew it was time to do a little Airstream remodel and refresh. (You can see pictures of what it looked like when we first remodeled it here and the first before and afters here.) The paint was definitely not bright white anymore and we knew that we had customized it to our very specific needs. If we were going to sell her, we wanted her to look and be her best for her new owners.

1978 Airstream Sovereign For Sale in NC Let’s start from the outside, shall we? We washed, buffed and shined her. We also bought four brand new tires.

Bed and Table in an Airstream Bed in an Airstream We painted the entire interior. We built a kitchen table where George’s desk had been. Over the years we got a lot of questions about: “Where do you eat?!” And we were like… “On the couch” or honestly, “On the bed.” Insert cry laughing emoji here.

Airstream Coffee Bar and chopping block Remodeled Airstream Kitchen in an Airstream We added barn wood to the countertops to create a sturdy cutting surface. We added doors on the pantry; before we had simply had curtains. We also added a backsplash.

RV toilet in an Airstream The bathroom saw the most changes. We added a door for privacy and a real RV toilet so someone can pull it down the road without having to worry about the toilet breaking. We also put in a new shower head.

Storage in an Airstream View from the back on a remodeled Airstream We did a major clean up and a refresh of the decor. To be honest, when we first moved into the Airstream we were too poor to afford any sort of decor so we used what we had. This time, though, I wanted to make it a bit more special for the next owner. I bought pillows and blankets and really fluffed up the joint.

We’re including all of the decor in the deal, so whoever decides to buy the Airstream will get a fully functioning home right away.

1978 Airstream Sovereign Remodeled If you’re interested in purchasing our beloved Airstream, you can visit the Craigslist post here for more details.

Again I want to thank you all for your support over the years. This has been the best experience and I hope another family can love her as much as we do.

– Melanie

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  1. sherrythrasher

    Hi, Melanie. I stumbled across your blog today while looking at teardrop trailers which led me to Airstreams and to your blog. Welcome to North Carolina! Have you discovered Biscuithead and Plant? I will keep reading along.

    My best,


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