Design Dilemmas: Putting a bed in front of a window

Design Dilemmas: Putting a bed in front of a window

I’ve been pretty confident in my design decisions up until now. I know what I like, and I’ll search the ends of the earth to find it. (Once a librarian, always a librarian.) But the predicament in our master bedroom has me stumped. There’s no other way to arrange it, the bed in our “master” bedroom has to go in front of a window. The room is fairly small and I think the best arrangement will be putting it under the window on the left side of the picture below.

A Small Home: Before Pictures: Back Bedroom

The “master” bedroom, before we tore it to shreds

Ok, so that’s settled, right? Well, yes and no. Truth is, we’re running low on funds (a huge post on budgeting is coming soon), so I’m not keen on spending even a couple hundo for a bed. I also want a bed that is low to the ground, as to not block all the natural light from the window, so we’re going to build something ourselves. I’d like a bit of storage underneath the bed for socks and undies– a simple box with drawers will do. (Similar to what we built in the Airstream.) Buuuuuut, here comes the hard part, what should we do for a headboard?

Here’s the options I’m thinking:

Via Emily Henderson

This DIY option is so lovely, and it’s what I was leaning to for a long time, but I haven’t been able to find a fabric that speaks to me. Also, am I a tufted gal? I don’t know.

Via Havenly.

I like the minimalism of this pegboard headboard. I’d cut it to fit around the window, as to not block the light. It’d also be really easy to make.

Via Thornam

This leather headboard is $1,500, but I think I could DIY it for much, much less. I’d expand it past the bed and again, cut it to fit around the window. I love the look of leather and the texture that it brings to a room.

Via My Domaine.

Via My Domaine.

Or, I realize the picture above has a very small headboard, but I could go with the easiest option: no headboard at all and just do a dark accent wall.

What do you think? Am I overthinking this? Yes, probably, but I’d still love to hear your opinions!

12 thoughts on “Design Dilemmas: Putting a bed in front of a window

  1. Debbie Hofsommer

    Hey Doll! I would personally probably go with no headboard, unless maybe a few white boards like shiplap? I would also build a very simple platform bed about 16-18″ from the floor with cubbies (probably 3?) down each side for storage in some pretty baskets, or like I did in my last house, have apple/orange wooden crates made that you can paint or stain. They don’t have to be as big as the entire space underneath, but as long as they’re wide & high enough to fill the opening and deep enough to be useful storage, you can hide rarely used or ugly stuff behind them. Just my thoughts! (I am going to build my bed in Opal (my ’77 Airstream) in the front curve like you guys did, and will have 3 cubbies across the bottom for all my weights and stuff, and I even think I can finagle my antique bench top that I will use for my table to come out the front on drawer rails!!!) 🙂 <3 <3 <3

    1. melanie Post author

      Thanks Debbie! I thought about shiplap, but I’m a little bit over the trend. Thanks for your input!!! I know the bed in your Airstream is going to look lovely!

  2. Amy C.

    We have our bed partially in front of a window and we have the morocco headboard from West Elm, which has lovely shapes cut out of the wood, so the light comes through nicely. This way, the bed in front of the window sort of becomes an asset rather than a flaw.

    In the same vein of the dark accent wall, have you considered maybe painting just the section of the wall that the bed will be against a different color of than the rest, so the color visually acts as a headboard? You could even frame the window with it, making it a bit more of a focal point.

    1. melanie Post author

      Hey Amy, yes, I thought about that! I think the wall might be a bit too small for that. Truly, the bed will cover most of the wall. It’s a tight fit!

  3. Lindsay

    I would try going without a headboard, and then seeing how that works out for you. You can always DIY one later, but you might discover that you don’t want or need one. But I’m sure no matter what you decide, it will look great!

    1. Ray

      Yes, I’m with her. Try no headbord at first, live in it, and then see what you come to miss. Do you miss a graphic touch? Texture? Cntrast? Clean lines? Delimitation? Warmth?
      At one point we had the bed in front of the window, but if we had any kind of headbord it would have covered 1/3 of it, so I went with a courtain game. Privacy layer on the bottom that lets light in, and a blackout layer ontop that could be pushed aside/opened for a pretty effect.
      I’m sure you will make the most beautiful choice none of us could even immagine. Can’t wait to see more!

  4. linda

    How about a salvaged wooden door turned sideways for a headboard? and you DO need a headboard. I have tried both ways, and the pillows just don’t work out when reading in bed with NO headboard, they slide away into the gap . . . and then I would fill the window with glass shelves/plants to diffuse the light and create a green space. Good luck!

    1. melanie Post author

      I thought about salvaged wood too, but we’re doing an entire kitchen full of salvaged wood and I think it’s too much to have more salvaged wood in the bedroom as well. And I agree, sliding pillows are the worst! Thanks Linda!

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