Link Love: 75

Van Camping It’s been forever since I’ve done a Link Love post, but for good reason. First and foremost, I’ve been trying to create more than I consume. And I’ve been creating an awful lot. I’ll share more on that soon. But this week I had a cold and the best thing to cure a cold is a whole lotta web surfing. Here’s some stuff that’s been peaking my interest. 

I was never too into Young House Love’s blog, but they have a podcast now and I’m into it. They chat about DIY, home-stuff and they’re just charming, cute people.

Alicia Keys has stopped wearing makeup. Here’s why. (Side note: She’s one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen!)

“Unplugged tourism” is booming. I get it.

This insane house is shaped like a pineapple. (*insert Spongebob theme song here.*)

This megabed sleeps 8 dogs and 2 humans. Bambi is a tiny dog and takes up 90% of the bed. A megabed would be totally necessary for 8 fur children.

Some good advice for when you don’t have a closet.

Your salary is not your self-worth. And neither is your body while we’re talking ’bout it.

Not doing all the things we want to do. Yup.

I’m getting out and seeing some changing leaves this weekend. What are ya’ll up to? Let’s chat in the comments.


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