8 Big Reasons to Live in a Small Home

8 BIG Reasons to Live in a Small Home

Most Americans live in houses that are too big. In 2014, the average size of a home built was 2,600 square feet. That’s too big. Period. We don’t need so much stuff and we don’t need a bigger place to house it all. There is magic in small spaces. Small spaces open you up to more opportunities and give you a place to breathe. Check out my favorite BIG reasons to live in a small home below. 

  1. Lower/no rent or mortgage
    In general, less space means less expensive. By purchasing a small home (or a RV, like we did!) you’ll keep your rent or mortgage payments low and you’ll be able to pay off your home sooner.
  2. Less upkeep
    Less house means less upkeep. Can I get a what, what?! That means less time spent mowing the yard, cleaning out the gutters, doing maintenance and all that jazz.
  3. Less cleaning
    Similarly, less house means less cleaning. Cleaning is a major pain point for me and being able to spend less time cleaning is a true blessing.
  4. Less worry
    In a small home, sure, things can go wrong, but there’s less things. There’s also less bills hanging over your head because there’s a lower morgage and lower power bills.
  5. Less stuff
    In a small home, you force yourself to have less stuff. You’ll be forced to prioritize. And less stuff can add so much clarity to your life.
  6. Less burdensome in the future
    It’s a bit sad to think about but one day a big house might physically be too much for all of us. One day, we also might have to leave that house to our kids or a family member. It’ll be less burdensome on ourselves and our children if we downsize now.
  7. More time to live
    My favorite benefit to living in a small home is that I have more time to live. I spend less time cleaning, doing maintenance on my home and less on bills, so I have more time to truly live my life. I have more time to hike, read, relax and just be.
  8. More freedom
    And finally, less house means more freedom. With more time and money, you’ll be able to be introspective and ask what you truly want out of life. For us, living in a small home has meant that we could open our own business and my husband could fulfill his dream of being a full-time artist. Maybe for you, more freedom means working less and spending more time with your kids. Small living allows you to have a choice in the matter.

What are your favorite reasons to live in a small home? Talk to me in the comments!
– Melanie

4 thoughts on “8 Big Reasons to Live in a Small Home

  1. Grazia Cacciola

    Thanks Melanie for your inspiring posts on living simply. This is one of the bests, especially points 7 and 8. I’ve saved it to share with friends. I live simply and in a small house in the woods, but we still spend too much time fixing it. In example, this week I’ve spent almost 20 hours fixing the kitchen woodstove and searching online for info about repairing it. We’ve proudly fixed it but it’s Saturday, we’re tired and late with a work timeline and… our heads are full of wood stoves hacks!

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