Link Love: 73

Bambi sleeping in the van

It’s summer. Let’s celebrate. Let’s take naps and bask in the sun (while wearing SPF 100, of course). Let’s do all the things and let’s do nothing. Yes, let’s do nothing. That’s my favorite. And while we’re doing nothing, let’s read a little, shall we?

Reading and relaxing pairs well with a glass of perry. (I’m dying to try it.)

You can rent this gorgeous Welsh farm for $1.45 per year. It’s what dreams are made of. (I bet Bambi would be a great sheep dog.)

Exhausted? It’s time to focus.

5 ways to build a more ethical closet, no matter your budget.

Living in 665 square feet with two teenagers: “Yes, there are things we don’t have because of our home’s smaller size, but in the grand scheme, what we do have outweighs what we don’t. Is our home perfect? No. Would I change anything about it if I had liberty to do it again? Yes.” I don’t have two teenagers, but this is my sentiments exactly.

Tiny is big.

Declutter your fantasy self. It’s the hardest thing to declutter and it’s the source of the most junk.

Stop waiting for big life events to change your life. I’m guilty of this one too.

How to let go of stress? Realize there’s nothing to cling to.

These homes built into nature are fantastical.

Now let’s go take a nap!