Ask Melanie: Advice for Buying a Vintage Airstream

The last video I posted was our home tour back in August. Yikes. It’s been a while. If I’m being honest, I feel a lot more comfortable writing than I do speaking– especially in a video that will live forever online– but I’m trying to expand my horizons and maybe even expand my readership through a different medium.

Today I’m answering a question from a lovely reader via video. She wanted advice on how to buy a vintage Airstream. So I’m bestowing my infinite wisdom upon you all. Ha!

Please watch the video above, let me know if you like the video format and let me know if you’d like to see more videos in the future.

Thanks ya’ll.
love, love, love,

6 thoughts on “Ask Melanie: Advice for Buying a Vintage Airstream

  1. Jennifer

    Sooo happy I found your blog!! My husband and I want to do this so badly. We are in our 40’s and have 2 teenagers…we are counting down the days until we can do this once we’re empty nesters. 🙂 Quick question, did you have wood paneling before you painted? Just wondering how well the paint works on covering it?? Thanks!!

  2. Michaela Smith

    Hey there Jennifer! Thank you for responding to my previous question. I have been looking all over craigslist to try to find the best deal. I am more than likely going to be doing the 20′ airstream. However finding one for the price that you got yours for is pretty darn difficult! Were there certain states that you looked at more for airstreams? I have really enjoyed your blog and especially enjoyed the tour of your airstream.

    1. melanie Post author

      Hi Michaela, I think you were talking to me, Melanie. We live in North Carolina and we bought ours in-state. Although, we did look through most of the Southern U.S.– out West things were much more expensive. You’ll have to be patient and when something in your price-range comes up, pounce on it! I also think that you’ll find better deals if you look for any kind of trailer, not just an Airstream, if you are open to that.

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