How to Create the Perfect Whitewash

How to create the perfect whitewash |

We’re getting really close to having the inside of the van complete! Yesterday we put the doors on the kitchen cabinets and since we didn’t have enough old barnwood to create the doors, we used leftover boards from creating the walls of the van. George was insistent on a bright interior, but I didn’t want something that would show every speck of dirt either. That’s why we decided on a whitewash for the walls and cabinets. Today I’m sharing our nontraditional method for creating the perfect, antique whitewash.

Traditionally whitewash is just white paint thinned out with water. If you are using rough cut boards, like we are, or you are just short on time, whitewashing can take forever. You have to wait for coats and coats to dry and you may never achieve a realistic, antique look. I’ve tried several methods of whitewashing over the years and this one is my favorite. It’s quick, easy and looks super realistic.

Steps to creating the perfect whitewash

1. Gather your supplies. I like Valspar Signature Paint in Ultra White/Flat. It’s my favorite because it’s a paint and a primer. I even used it in the Airstream. You’ll also need Minwax in Classic Grey, a roller, a┬árag and sandpaper.

2. Make sure you do this project outside where there is plenty of ventilation! Paint your boards, furniture, etc. Just get a good cover, it doesn’t have to be perfect. This technique works best with raw wood.

3. Wait for it the paint to dry, then take a rag and lightly go over the board with the stain.

4. Let the stain dry and then sand down your project. By sanding it down, the stain looks more natural and intentional.

How to create the perfect whitewash

The finished product on the van walls.

That’s it! This technique is super easy and creates the perfect whitewash.

If you decide to try this technique, I’d love to see it. Leave me a link to your project in the comments!


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