Link Love: 71

An Airstream Lit by Candlelight It’s been a little while since the last Link Love. I’ve been distracted by other things. Taxes, work, trying to figure out my life, you know, those fun adult problems. But sometimes it’s good to take a bit of a break. Speaking of breaks, put your feet up, grab another cup of coffee and enjoy Link Love!

Trust your path.

And sometimes that path is a roadtrip. This beautiful 90-year-old spirit chose a road trip over cancer treatment.

This gal lives a “zero waste” lifestyle in NYC. So inspiring and so daunting!

The hobo life. Sad, beautiful and dangerous.

How different people spend $100 on groceries (a video).

That’s it, folks! I’m trying to create more and consume less, so with Link Love I’m going to start just putting out the best of the best.

Have a great weekend!

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