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An Airstream in the Woods

I love these longer hours of daylight, but the time change is always rough on me. I’ve never been one of those people who can bounce back from lost sleep. I’ve been grumpy, waking up at all hours of the night and drinking too much coffee. Do ya’ll feel super sensitive to the change too?

Well, since we’re all “Sensitive Sallys” this week, I’m keeping Link Love short and emotional. Get ready to re-evaluate your entire life. 😉

You were lied to, when you were told that if you worked enough hours, got enough stuff, and followed enough rules, that you’d be okay. That you’d be happy. But now, hopefully, you know the truth: We only find fulfillment when we let go of comfort, when we risk losing everything. That’s what a really good story, and incidentally what a really good life, is all about.”  GET OUT OF MY BRAIN!

Taking care of yourself is never a waste of time.

And also from the wise, Alexandra Franzen: You’ll never be done. And I’m trying to be ok with that.

“Loosening our attachments is about realizing that life doesn’t have to be one way, our way, that we can be open to life’s way. It’s about learning to love everything, shit and all. It’s about being curious about life, about others, instead of judging life and other people as bad.”

And since we’re getting real, emotionally deep this week, this podcast by Jess Lively, featuring Brooke Castillo explains how to experience more positive emotions everyday. This episode features tangible and practical steps– great for Type As, like myself.

I hope you get some extra rest, play in the sunshine and have the best of weekends.



4 thoughts on “Link Love: 70

  1. Chenay

    Oh man, Daylight Savings Time is a whole new world when you have kids;) Our 22 month old finally fell asleep before 9 last night, woo hoo! I hope things are getting a little easier for you. Have a great weekend!

  2. Leah

    Goodness! I didn’t realize other people were sensitive Sally’s this week too! That seems to explain SO much. Thanks for these sweet words

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