Link Love: 69

Custom Van Buildout Link Love on a Monday, again? Yikes. Ya’ll, I’ve been having a rough week and a half. I severely twisted my ankle and then I got food poisoning. I feel like I’m falling apart! On the bright side, being somewhat immobile has given me time to read quite a few books and find some online gems. I even helped clean and build out the van a bit before I had to take a nap. #truth. On with Link Love! 

(Ladies) Stop saying you’re fine.

You weren’t born to pay off debts and die.

Millennials are minimalists.

What you see on the Internet. (Is never real! Even my Instagram is a cleaner, shiner version of my life.)

And when it gets to be too much… Opt out.

This one is a bit long, but there’s some jewels here, including:
“and we are told by productivity-guru-time-management-experts
that we all have the same twenty four hours in a day
and the usual bullshit

said more often than not, I think, by men who
forget they have someone at home quietly doing the dishes
and picking up their socks,
someone who is never going to say

Does Kanye’s debt make anyone else nauseated?

Things are getting better ya’ll.
Happy Monday,


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