Link Love: 68

Sunrise at the Airstream

Lord, ya’ll. I thought I set this post to publish on Friday, but apparently I did not. It’s been one of those weeks. Oh well, here’s hoping these links lessen the blow of Monday for ya.

This tiny camper triples it’s size in 25 seconds!

An animal print camper?!?! 

Tiny houses, a dorm room alternative?

The fight for legal smaller dwellings across the country continues.

A peek inside the Airstream factory. This makes me weirdly proud to be an American.

Tips for creating a mindful home. Easier said than done, but I appreciate the sentiment.

How dirt can make for healthier families. Any excuse not to scrub my shower!

Gluten-free tomato soup cake! OMG, I remember in one of my American Girl books*, Molly’s housekeeper (I think) baked tomato soup cake (or bread?) and it turned out pink. I’ve wanted to try tomato soup baking ever since. So weird how things come back to you.

It’s only been a couple months since we traveled to Iceland, but I’m already getting the itch to travel again. Maybe this time we’ll go somewhere warm! Here’s my best tips for traveling to Memphis, Charleston and Niagra Falls on a budget.

Here’s hoping the rest of this week is a little less exciting!


*Affiliate link