Make Do and Mend: Key Lanyard

Make Do and Mend- Key Lanyard Lately I’ve been making a conscious effort to buy less and do the best I can with what I have. I’m sure I don’t buy as much as the average person and I do consider myself quite the minimalist, but it’s still really easy for me to think I don’t have any groceries, when I have plenty of cans in my cabinet or think I have no clothes to wear when I really just need to do the laundry. In an effort to keep up my accomplishments, I want to start a new series on the blog cleverly titled: Make Do and Mend. (Inspired by the ever inspiring series, With What You Have.)

Made Do and Mend- lanyard I recently started a new job at work. I’ll no longer be working the night shift and it’s much closer to my house. (Horray!) I’ve only been at this new position for a few weeks, but I’ve noticed that I use keys much more than I had previously. Hence, the need for a lanyard. I wanted something I could wear around my neck for convenience, but I ask wanted something fashionable– as fashionable as a lanyard could be. My first instinct told me to start looking around on Amazon. I was instantly met with 5,000 lanyard options. But I don’t need all those options. All I need is an old necklace and a forgotten key ring. Make do and mend.

How are you making do and mending? I love to hear from you.