Link Love: 58


Can someone give me more hours in the day? Puh-lease! Better late Link Love than never?

This couple’s 170 square foot house is super cute.

In drastic contrast, this castle is on the market, complete with a fire-breathing dragon.

This garage-studio is straight out of Dr. Seuss. 

The Truth About Your Uncertain Life Path & Purpose. “Turn to the moment, and find the excruciatingly beauty in it.” (This one touched a nerve)

How to ask for forgiveness.

How to lose weight in 4 easy steps. (It’s not the kind of article you think it is. Promise.)

How cool is this zodiac constellation cake?!

Your Budweiser is 100 years old. Barf.

Did ya’ll see this video? It had me LOLing.

Happy weekend!

2 thoughts on “Link Love: 58

  1. Bob

    I love your blog, Melanie. I have to share a story about our upstairs neighbor-

    We live in an apartment building. The couple that lives above us owns a small trampoline. Their trampoline is located directly above our ceiling fan. Below the fan is our dining room table.

    Now picture me and my wife, with our two small children, eating dinner while the neighbors ‘work out’ above us. The blades of the fan flap like birds wings and the lights flicker. They bounce so hard that it sometimes breaks the filaments in our bulbs. Only the toughest bulbs last a month in that fan.

    But it does make for good comedy. We all laugh and laugh at the flapping fan! I hope they don’t fall through the ceiling someday… 😀

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