Tuesday Thoughts: Wealth Consists Not In Having Great Possessions

wealth consists not in having great possessions “Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.” -Epitetus

Something to chew on this Tuesday.



2 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts: Wealth Consists Not In Having Great Possessions

  1. Grazia Cacciola - Erbaviola

    Hi Melanie, happy to see you go on with your blog and thanks for doing it, it’s always a good reading. I know it’s hard to do it with a full time job and a life, thanks so much! I’ve read all your last posts this morning (it’s 5:30 am here in Italy, my time for reading peacefully) and want to thank you for your commitment in telling this life choice of living simply and small. Sorry if I post here a global comment for all I’ve read before.

    I’ve two questions for “Ask Melanie” – ok, I’m pretentious! But they aren’t anything urgent, I hope only to inspire one of your good articles.

    1) You’re a reader and I’ve read you use library and ebooks. But is it enough to reduce the number of books? I’ve this trouble in living small… I’m a writer and a painter, so I have a lot of books that I need for my jobs. I tried to reduce them, expecially huge art books, but I still have a full big bookshelf. I can’t find them at the local library and they do not exist as ebooks (in example Taschen art books).
    How do you manage this in the airstream? I’d like to hear all your “techniques” to reduce the books space! 🙂

    2) This question is mainly for George: how does he work in a so small table? I’m really impressed! 😀 He has a secret, I’m sure! I’ve a table for mac and 2 monitors, another table for painting, a shelf for all the ‘minimum’ I need for paiting, a big bookshelf and a big, old bedroom 4-drawer dresser to store my paintings and papers, with the printers on it. May he share his “tips and tricks” in working from home in a small space? Thanks!

    1. melanie Post author

      Hi Grazia, thanks for your comment. Those questions might require longer posts ;), so look out for an answer!

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