Link Love: 49


I re-opened my Etsy store. I sold vintage there years ago. I’ve put up a few of my handmade necklaces. I don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to it, but I figured, what-the-hey, I’ll throw some stuff up there and see what happens. So far, nothing has happened. Ha!

Did you see this? Dear people who live in fancy tiny houses. It made big waves in the tiny house community. Here’s an excellent response to it.

What to do about debt when you’ve lost your job. It’s a bad position to be in, but there’s some options out there.

The “Siberian Mowgli” emerges; boy lived in forest for 16 years. Sometimes I want to just go off the grid too, but maybe not in Siberia…

The case for the 32-hour work week. I’m into it.

This tree grows 40 different kinds of fruit! Is it weird that when I first saw this video I was jealous? One of my dreams is to have fruit trees. One day when we have enough land… Until then, I can only dream, be jealous and maybe learn to graft?!

And the best thing I’ve heard in a while… a profanity filled guided meditation.