A Few of My Favorite Instagram Accounts

Photo c/o DeathtoStockPhoto

Photo c/o DeathtoStockPhoto

Can we talk about the magic of Instagram for a second? I know it sounds ridiculous and a little over-exaggerated but Instagram has changed my life. It’s helped me keep in contact with friends, meet new people and it’s helped me get the word out about my lifestyle. It’s even helped George make money! And yes, Instagram does have a dark side. Sometimes I find myself getting jealous of other people’s IG lives or I’ll fall down a rabbit hole and won’t emerge for hours. But overall, it’s done more good for me than bad. Today I thought I’d share a few of my current favorite Instagram accounts, in no particular order.

They’re a family of 5 and a cat living in an Airstream on the road! It sounds like a sitcom! The kids are cute and the locations they share are awe-inspiring.

This IG makes me want to fix up another Airstream! Brody Travel Supply is a company that renovates old Airstreams and man, they do good work.

Emily, Corey and their dog, Penny Rose have been living on the road for two years in their van. I love their glimpses into #vanlife.

These Alaskans live off the grid and share pictures of the unbelievably beautiful Alaskan wilderness. If it wasn’t so damn cold, I’d join ’em!

We live in a beautiful, diverse country. This IG is great for those daily reminders.

This amazing lady sails the world with her cat. If that isn’t enough for a compelling IG, I don’t know what is!

Speaking of amazing ladies, Becca Skinner is a Montana-based photographer who writes and photographs in her truck! I deeply admire Becca’s photography style and she makes falconry look so cool.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, folks! There’s so many people out there doing fabulous things through IG. To my little ol’ Instagram, click here. You can see the rest of the folks that I follow on my profile!

Who are your favorite Instagramers? Let me know in the comments!

love and happy weekends!

10 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Instagram Accounts

  1. amstincan

    What a great post! I too love Instagram for the same reasons you list above. It has helped connect me with other people who have helped motivate me to keep simplifying and moving in the right direction towards my goals. I already followed a few you listed (of course yourself included) and now I follow a few more of them. Thanks for sharing. I will add @greenislandstudios @asolojourner for a couple of great feeds with lovely photography.

    1. melanie Post author

      Yes! I follow @asolojourner too! And I’m adding @greenislandstudios– those landscapes! (Insert all heart eye emojis!)

  2. Devi

    Hi! Just stumbled upon your blog this past week and love it! What’s your IG? I would love to follow it as well 🙂 And hey, lets hear your cute animal IG links as well! Who would say no to that, right?

    1. melanie Post author

      I think I linked to it in the body of the text, but if you can’t see it, I’m @asmalllife. You can see all the cute animal IG accounts I follow there 🙂

  3. heatherlwilkins

    I used to work at a marina for 5 years and met a few folks who were live aboards and had a cat. Every cat was walked on a leash. That was the first time I ever saw a cat on a leash and walked successfully. I attempted to put a leash on my cat and that was…well, unsuccessful.

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