Tuesday Thoughts: Ridiculous


“I end up not buying a lot of things, because I find them ridiculous.”

Most stuff we have isn’t stuff we need. It’s ridiculous stuff that we thought we wanted for a fleeting moment and then never used again. It’s ridiculous stuff that we got as a gift and didn’t want to throw away. It’s ridiculous new stuff that we thought we needed when the old would’ve done just fine. There’s enough ridiculous in our lives without buying more.


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts: Ridiculous

  1. Elaine Ness

    Couldn’t agree more! Our lives are full of these things that we think we need. Have you ever looked at http://www.swapdom.com where you can upload these ‘no longer needed’ items and swap for something you DO actually need? All in all it’s a better way to live. No more buying! I admire the way you live! I believe a small life is a much more meaningful one!

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