The Small Life: Hannah’s Tiny Toronto Loft

Hannah's Loft 1
Living and embodying the small life doesn’t have to mean living in an Airstream. Living small is living below your means and living in a space that’s physically smaller than average, but full of heart. That’s why I was so excited to hear from Hannah and see her tiny loft. Take it away, Hannah!

Bedroom in the loft My name is Hannah I live in Toronto. I live in a 584 square foot loft. I have recently decided to simplify my life. It is definitely is not as simple as living in Airstream, but I have downsized my living and I so happy with it. I downsized for many reasons. I downsized because I get so distracted and annoyed when things are not at their place. I also realized I’ve been wasting so much energy and time on daily basis just for THINGS around me when I could’ve spent the time and energy on the stuff that I actually enjoy. I couldn’t keep up with having my surroundings the way I wanted. It was messy and I wasn’t happy.

Loft Kitchen bathroom in the loft So I decided to get rid of all the extra things. I have done the 30 Day Minimalist Challenge. And I think I’ll do it again.

Hannah's Toronto Loft I feel like the less stuff I have, the more space opens up in my mind. Now I spend less time on cleaning; it only takes me 20 min to clean the entire loft. I have more time to spend on myself and I am thinking of starting a blog with my best friend.

Loft view

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Thanks, Hannah! Hannah has even taken living frugal to the next level. You can rent out her gorgeous loft on Air B&B. In fact, a couple friends and I hope to stay there this summer! You can also check out Hannah on her Facebook page. -Melanie

*This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.

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  1. amstincan

    I love it! What a beautiful loft! I especially love Hannah’s comment “I feel like the less stuff I have, the more space opens up in my mind.” This is one of the unexpected benefits I found from simplifying my life. The physical clutter definitely contributes to mental clutter.

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