Link Love: 27

rp_Link-Love-1024x102411111111-1024x10241-1024x1024-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x1024-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x1024-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x1024.jpg The web has been a little sparse this week, or maybe I just have been too busy with other things to notice… Here’s what I found interesting this week:

This documentary on minimalism looks both beautiful and inspiring.

Two college students built a tiny home for $500.

These peel and stick “tiles” are a great idea for a camper or Airstream.

A peek into this guy’s “van life.” It looks pretty rad.

The 10 best bargains at drug stores.

Scandalous ways to get free stuff.

A nice debt calculator with actionable items to get out of debt quickly.

These all-natural chocolate chunk, nut butter blondies look like the perfect Valentine’s treat.

What you can say instead of “I don’t feel like it.”

On February 15th, I’m starting Whole30. Eeek and ugh? I’m looking to this post for budget-conscious ideas.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! Have you waited until the last minute? Me too. Maybe this free printable will help. Also, my mama’s famous chocolate chip banana bread makes a great gift too!

See you on the flip side!



2 thoughts on “Link Love: 27

  1. amstincan

    I have a friend who used those smart tiles in his camper. They look great, and he said they were easy to install. The Whole30 thing sounds interesting. I look forward to hearing how it goes. I’ve been trying to stick to the Real Food plan, and I do think I feel better. I’m sure it would be even better if I would quit cheating. Lol!

    1. melanie Post author

      So cool! I’d love to see how the smart tiles look in-person. I definitely don’t want to turn this into a food blog, but I’ll probably have small updates along the way.

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