Link Love: 24


Usually on Thursday I think, “Wow, it’s almost the weekend,” but this week is dragging on forever. I thought it was Thursday on Tuesday. It’s been that long, ya’ll. Let’s get on with Link Love, shall we?!

This before and after travel trailer has a great color scheme.

7 clever renovating ideas for a small bathroom.

This truck bed was literally turned into a bed. I love the pull out drawer!

24 date night ideas for less than $10.

My latest spending diet post over on ATWS talks about my holiday spending.

Use your pantry to create your own makeup! It’s frugal and more natural than the store bought stuff.

Digit is a service that finds extra money in your budget, then saves it for you. WHAT?! CRAZY.

How to stay motivated to keep brown bagging your lunch.

The products expected to be cheaper this year.

4 reasons this is the year of the budget traveler.

Unconditional acceptance of yourself. <3

And just for fun… I adore this video of real women working out. And it’s set to Missy Elliot. Let’s get it, girls.