Frugal Friday: Finding What Works for You

Living in a trailer works for us, but it won't work for everyone.

Living in an Airstream trailer works for us, but it won’t work for everyone.

One of my most popular posts is “20 Weird Ways to Save Money.” It’s been pinned a ton and I get a lot of outside traffic from it. It’s also been commented on quite a bit (at least for a small blog, like mine!). And I love all the ideas and tips that people leave on that post. But you might not know that there’s some comments on the blog that you don’t see. I don’t approve comments that are rude, nasty or just plain mean.

I share money advice and frugality tips because those things have worked for me or they are just things that I find interesting. No one can do every money tip out there. We all have jobs and priorities and things that we’d just rather not do. It’s not because we’re lazy, it’s because we just have different priories. If you just can’t stop using paper products because it makes your life easier than by all means, keep using them and save money elsewhere. I know I can’t stop using t.p.! It’s where I draw the line.

Your own brand of frugality is a personal choice. What works for some rando blogger on the Internet (including myself) might not work for you. Find what frugal tips do work for you, personally, and use them. Save money in your own way. Keep a blog and share your advice, but don’t ever judge someone for saving money differently than you. You do you, baby girl (or boy). You do you.

Happy Friday!


14 thoughts on “Frugal Friday: Finding What Works for You

  1. Lisa | Happy By

    Such a good point Melanie! Even if you don’t agree at someone’s drastic (to you) ways of saving money or levels of frugality, doesn’t mean you can’t take away some valuable general lessons or hints to adjust your own lifestyle. There’s enough negativity around already, no one needs more.

  2. amstincan

    I agree with Lisa! Enough with negativity…No need to criticize or complain. Who has time for that? Keep up the good posts. You have plenty of us readers who enjoy the thoughts you share.

    1. Michael

      Have to tell you something young lady just in case no one has told you before. I think you will find in life many detractors and dissenters. That goes double if YOU are doing something good and creative. 90% of those that criticize are operating out of pure jealousy. Jealous of the simple life style you and George have chosen. So many folks are running on the rat wheel just trying to keep their heads above water. Guess that is why 60 % of Americans are two, count em, two paychecks away from disaster. Be proud of your choice. Lot of truth to be said for the old saying, “Want a Good Life? Make Good Choices.” Yep, betting a lot of folks are jealous of your simple, but wonderfully pleasing and enjoyable life. And some are jealous that you have taken the initiative to take control of your life. Some are afraid to spit in their hands, rub em together, and Get Er Done. And some folks are just too plain lazy, or stupid, to work hard at anything, especially saving money. Just smile, and carry on. Its your life, you just go ahead and live it. Yep

    1. melanie Post author

      Thank you. Maybe this post came off differently than I hoped. I just wanted people to know that negativity gets them no where in life. And discouraging others, well that sucks too. I wasn’t trying to complain, but maybe I did so. Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. Stephanie R

    Keep doing what you are doing! My path is different than yours, but I love to read what others do. It is a springboard to ideas and also reminds and inspires me to keep going, that I can have a better life.

    By the way, I meant to comment on your garden post. We grew so much as we grew up: many kinds of veggies, apples, nectarines, several kinds of avocados, pomelos, lemons, limes, oranges We also grew figs, pecans, plums, peaches, kiwi, jujubes, pears. I know I am forgetting some things. My point is, it is so easy to grow things, and we were so blessed to have healthy produce and we could share with people we knew or worked with, and also were able to give to food banks. If people with yards could even grow the more expensive things, like tomatoes and fruits, they would save a fortune, enjoy the most incredible produce that is so much healthier and they could bless others, and even sell some at street fairs. There are awesome garden books, like Sunset Magazine’s Regional Garden Book that is the go-to for incredible help.

    Keep going. You are doing great!!

    1. melanie Post author

      Thank you so much and I would love to grow things like avocados! I’m so jealous! We just don’t have the weather for it and yes, growing things is much easier than I anticipated!

  4. Raissomat

    You didn’t come off as complain-y to me. I totally see what you mean and for me it’s just logic. So many places in this world people have not much choice at all. We do, but we accuse and judge anyone that makes different life choices than ours.
    Open up people. There are fugals, there are big spenders, there are vegans, paleo’s, farmers market shoppers, aldi shoppers, home birthers, practical people, theoretical fellows, mimimalists, religious, atheists, pessimists, can one have it all right? Everyone do their thing and go on whitout accusing the rest.

  5. Michelle

    Haters gonna hate. Actually in my experience they usually hate because of fear. And changing your life to free yourself from debt is scary business.

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog over the past few weeks and it has helped refuel me tremendously to stay on track. You are spot on though. Everyone has to do this they way it works best for them and there should be no judgement.

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