Frugal Friday: The Importance of DIY

nail polish I’m usually a gung-ho DIYer. I mean, we fixed up the Airstream ourselves! And you can catch me on any given night knitting, cooking or making candles. I even tried to make all my Christmas gifts last year and plan to do so again this year! But there are some things that I just plain don’t like to do. I don’t like to clean my own car and I don’t like to give myself pedicures. I just don’t like to do it. #truestory. We’re going down to truth city today, folks.

But since I started the Spending Fast (spending only $100 per month on non-necessities) I’ve had to do many chores that I would outsource before because I didn’t like to do it. I’d like to say that it hasn’t been so bad, but I still hate doing those chores. I’m putting those things in the same category as working out— something I don’t like to do, but I have to do. (Both are in the same category as stuff that isn’t so bad once you start doing it.)

Even though I hate it, when trying to save money, DIY is at the utmost importance. There are some things I’d never DIY, like electrical stuff (it’s too scary and dangerous!), but if I can do it and feel safe doing it, I will. DIY not only saves me money, it also teaches me a new skill. DIY is empowering. Saving money is empowering.

DIY has totally changed my life. How has DIY changed your’s? Let me know in the comments.


One thought on “Frugal Friday: The Importance of DIY

  1. amstincan

    After reading the tips and comments on And Then We Saved about cutting your own hair. I decided to give it a try. I’ve been cutting my own hair for nearly a year now. I’ve been really happy with the results. I like it better than many haircuts that I have paid for in the past, but not as well as others. However, considering what it costs to visit a good stylist where I live I’m thrilled to save the money. Also, when I get to hit the road in the future I won’t need to search out new stylists everywhere I go. Perhaps soon I will get brave and try a more adventurous cut, for now I’ve only been trimming it and shaping up some layers. I’ve got a lot curl and wave in my hair too, which does hide any imperfections in the cut pretty well. 😉

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