The Airstream Diaries: Life’s Not Perfect


I took a little break from my Love Weekends posts this week to spend a little bit of unplugged time with my family. We did watch a lot of Mountain Men together though. We were bonding over our shared dislike of Eustace who lives in the mountains of our state.

Anyway, I thought it might be fun to start showing you all everyday pictures of the ‘ol Airstream. You’ve seen the glamour shotsย and if you’re anything like me, you’ve stumbled upon oodles of over-stylized, “glamping” shots of Airstreams and campers online. And you know what? Those pictures aren’t even close to real. I got 3 mosquito bites just sitting in the house today. That picture above, yeah, that’s the current state of my bathroom. The humidity in the Airstream is so bad that we constantly run a dehumidifier and to be quite frank, with all the rain we’ve had our septic system is backing up. It ain’t pretty.

air conditioning

Did I mention that our air conditioning broke? It’s been a mild summer, but these past couple of weeks have been in the 90s and this gigantic floor air-conditioning unit keeps our house at a cool 81 degrees. Sweaty. We’re planning on a permanent fix for the roof-top air-conditioning but we want to get a proper (inexpensive) replacement which could take time.

dirty dishes

And don’t even get me started on dishes! My sink usually looks like this. I have day dreams of dishwashing machines.

pantry airstream pantry 2 airstream

But it’s not all bad. We went to BJ’s this weekend (with my mom’s membership) and stocked up. George and I spent our entire food allowance for the month, but we also spent a good 15 minutes talking about how a fully stocked pantry and fridge made us feel rich. Our pantry is disorganized and none of our cups match, but we have food in our bellies and in our home.

It’s not a perfect life. It’s not “Pinterest-worthy.” But it’s a good one.

Do you like seeing more “real” pictures of our life? Let me know in the comments!


11 thoughts on “The Airstream Diaries: Life’s Not Perfect

  1. Carla at Loves Moose (@LovesMoose)

    Nice post on Apartment Therapy! :o)

    To help with storage and money concerns, we stopped buying paper towels a few years ago. Instead we now use stacks of cleaning cloths we bought at Target and keep them in a pretty basket.

    You can reuse one several times before washing, so the laundry really isn’t overburdened. They are 100% and wash great. We can’t stand microfiber. It gets fuzzy in the wash and scratches surfaces and feels yucky to touch.

    So just a thought to help with your space issues in her lovely new home!

  2. Krys

    Have you considered a sink-top dishwasher? It is sort of bulky and beast like, but I think the luxury of not washing every single tiny cup by hand could offset that cost of real estate? I’ve never been in an air stream, so I don’t know if this is way too big or not.. but small electric footprint and small water footprint too.
    I like the honest posts. Keep those coming. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. melanie Post author

      Yeah, we considered it, but it really is way too big. We don’t even have a microwave or a tv because they take up too much space!

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  4. irene

    Love your pics also. I am in the process of pinching my pennies also. I think before I purchase anything nowadays. It must be a necessity or I don’t buy it. Keep up the good work . Your blog is inspiring

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