Airstream Family Photos

Airstream Family Photo These pictures didn’t make it to Airstream week, but alas, here they are. Better late than never, I suppose. I’m working on that whole trying-not-to-be-a-perfectionist-thing and trying not beat myself up about it. Anyway, George and I decided to take a few family photos with our new dog, Bambi to use for various things. Maybe a new Christmas card?! And maybe for other blogs.

Airstream Family Photo 2

Airstream Family Photo Outtake

Also, can we talk about how hard it is to take a photo with a dog? Bambi hated it. I’m surprised we even got one usable picture. Even though it’s not perfect, I still love the photo above.

Melanie and George 2 George Melanie Melanie and George

Annoyingly happy Christmas cards, here we come!


7 thoughts on “Airstream Family Photos

  1. Aya

    Oh my gosh I loved these! You guys look amazing! Such a different tone than the other photos on your blog! More photos of you and of you guys together! Time to get more comfortable with selfies 🙂

  2. habitsofthought

    You three are so cute! And your skirt is adorable! Definitely a great color for your skin tone.

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