The Minimalist Challenge: Days 8, 9, 10

minimalist challenge 8,9,10

After week one, it became harder to find things to get rid of for the Minimalist Challenge. I did find some weird random stuff that I could live without and some clothing that I didn’t really need. One of the hardest part of this challenge is living with someone who loves to keep stuff (ahem, my lovely husband, cough cough). You know, “in case we need it one day.” Newsflash: We never need it one day. I’ve mostly been getting rid of my stuff to sell, donate or trash, but it’s going to get really difficult when I get to Day 20. My lovely husband is going to have to part with some junk! (And he isn’t going to like it!)

8 from top going clockwise: Empty box of Scotch Brite (whyyyyyy?!), tank tops, almost empty greased lightening, water bottle, olive oil container, magnetic notebook, broken carabiner, 1/2 empty Shout (poured it into the other 1/2 empty bottle of Shout)

9: 9 articles of clothing

10 from top left: damaged paper plates, old knife, peanut butter, broken lid, 2 basting brushes, knife sharpener (already have one), 3 DVDs

How do you deal with a hoarder in the family? Let me know in the comments!



2 thoughts on “The Minimalist Challenge: Days 8, 9, 10

  1. Caitlyn

    YES! I have also been purging like crazy and my partner is very much NOT. I have been reading Zen Habits for inspiration and he suggests that you can’t force your family to go along with your desire for minimalism since it is something you really have to want for yourself. You can just do it and hope that the example you set encourages them. And I’ve been trying to internalize that. But we live in a small apartment and it’s a lot harder when you live in such small quarters (as I’m sure you can sympathize). My fantasy of an organized and peaceful home just isn’t possible without him getting on board.

    1. lovelibrarianmelanie Post author

      LOL. It is hard when your space is super small. I’m trying to just worry about my stuff, but junk just makes me angry! Ha-ha.

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