Frugal Friday: DIY Car Maintenance

under the hood of a car To be honest with ya’ll, anything car-related scares me to death. I’m afraid I might mess something up, then my car will be messed up and it will definitely blow up. Yet, I teach my student’s every day to not fear technology. Oh the irony. Well, lately I’ve been conquering my fear of car maintenance by doing small car maintenance tasks. Last time I had my oil changed, the mechanics also noticed I needed a cabin air filter change. They wanted almost $20 to change it. With a few click, click, clicks on my smart phone, I looked up the cost of a new air filter– $8 on Amazon (free shipping) and politely refused their offer. I ordered the filter online, Googled where to find the air filter in the car (I’m a beginner, give me a break!) and changed it myself! That simple task saved me (after taxes) almost an hour’s worth of pay. I’m going to learn how to change my oil next!

Here’s to learning (and the weekend)!


One thought on “Frugal Friday: DIY Car Maintenance

  1. Ella@mechanic bayswater

    Yes, you are right!!! Some of the things we can do ourselves but there are some things that only professional can do and we shouldn’t try them.

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