Frugal Fridays: The Magic of a Dollar Store

c/o Wikimedia Commons

c/o Wikimedia Commons

I recently popped by my local dollar store to purchase hand sanitizer for work. I was never one to use hand sanitizer until I started working in a school. Believe me when I say the germs are out there and crawling all over public computers. Hand sanitizer is a necessity now.

I had totally forgotten about the magic that is a dollar store. My dollar store was chock full of goodies and it reminded me of how wonderful it is knowing that literally everything in the store is a dollar. Along with the hand sanitizer, I also picked up brand name Airbourne! That stuff sells in a drug store for almost $10! I also picked up canned pizza sauce, olives and banana peppers. I was tempted to pick up another set of wine glasses because the only ones that have endured my clumsiness have been the ones from the dollar store! Man, those things are hefty. Since my local dollar store is right across the street from Target (my budget’s nemesis) I’ll definitely be stopping there first before making any more purchases from the ol’ bulls eye.

Do you ever shop at a dollar store? Did anyone ever see theĀ short-lived cooking show, Fabulously Frugal Feasts that used only food from the Dollar Store? It was pretty spectacular.

Have a beautiful weekend!


2 thoughts on “Frugal Fridays: The Magic of a Dollar Store

  1. Stephanie

    Hi there, I just love your blog! I found you via Apartment Therapy. Recently the morning show, Good Morning America did an expose on dollar stores. Research was done and a lot of the make-up is dangerous. Some of the eye shadows have massive levels of mercury. I am so done with these stores. many of their dog treats are from China and have killed dogs here in the USA. I do better with sales, and am not tempted to buy things I don’t need at a dollar store.
    Keep up your great posts!

    1. melanie Post author

      Thank you. Huh. I don’t use the makeup or dog treats from the Dollar Store, but I am happy to find wine glasses and cleaning supplies at $1 a pop!

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