Frugal Fridays: Turn Broken Cookies into Ice Cream Toppings!

Ice cream topped with broken cookies I was super bummed when my cookie tray popped in the heat of the oven. The tray distorted into a strange angular shape and my chocolate chip cookies went for the ride of their lives– slipping and sliding into one giant mess. I was sadder than a lost puppy on a rainy day. Has anyone else had a cookie tray pop in the oven? It was very odd.

broken and ugly cookies Just look at this mess! I was supposed to take these cookies to a friend’s house, but instead of just trashing these cookies and buying store-bought cookies to pass off as my own, I made the best of things. I broke the giant cookie mess into smaller pieces and used them to top ice cream. It was delightful.

ice cream and cookies How do you use frugality and make lemons into lemonade in the kitchen? Let me know in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Frugal Fridays: Turn Broken Cookies into Ice Cream Toppings!

  1. amstincan

    Great idea & the title would make a good motto for optimism! You know like when life hands you lemons…I think I will use your phrase instead. 😉

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