Twine Knit Kitchen Scrubbie

twine scrubbie I use S.O.S. scrubbies like they are going out of style. I love how they get all the gunk off my cast iron pans, but I don’t love that I use them once or twice and they’re done. It’s such a waste of money and so not environmentally-friendly. I’ve seen people knit with twine and I knew that the roughness of twine would make the perfect DIY scrubbie.

Airstream Sink To make the twine scrubbie all you need is some knitting needles and twine. I used size 15 needles, but you could go with smaller needles if you want a tighter knit. I cast on 5 times and created 6 rows. The scrubbie will end up the size of a kitchen sponge.

I love the way the knit scrubbie looks and it’s a nice little money saver. It almost makes me want to do dishes. Almost.


6 thoughts on “Twine Knit Kitchen Scrubbie

  1. Raissomat

    Wow Melanie! It’s beautiful! Do you imagine how great it would look on a brass soapholder?! I *think* this has gift potential. Now I need to find knitting needles.

  2. Ceebe

    Ingenious. (and little trick I use for sos scrubs…stick in freezer immediately after each use, you’ll only use one each year)

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