Polymer Clay Hair Accessories

Polymer Clay Heart Hair Accessory DIY For Valentine’s Day I like to add a little something-something to my outfits. This year, I thought a hair accessory would be just the thing.

For this project, you’ll need polymer clay, bobby pins and a tiny bit of cloth. I used leather, but felt will work well too.

I had a little extra polymer clay left over from my For the Makers project. So I thought hey, why not add a little food coloring to it?! This dummie got red food coloring all over her hands and went around with pink hands for two days. Make sure if you decide to color the clay with food coloring, use gloves! Or just buy pink clay. So much easier and so much less embarrassing.

Polymer Clay Hearts I fashioned the clay into hearts. Then, to bake the clay, I placed the hearts on a cookie sheet. ┬áBake according to the manufacturer’s directions. After the clay cooled, I broke out my trusty hot glue gun, cut a few pieces of leather, secured the bobby pin between the leather and glued it to the clay.

Back of Clay Heart Hair Accessories Where’s the easy button? ‘Cuz this project was eeeeeezzzzzz.



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