DIY Polymer Clay Bowl and a For the Makers Review

Polymer Clay Bowl For Christmas my sister gave me a subscription to the craft subscription service, For the Makers. I’m so jealous of my sister’s ability to give just the right gift. Last week, I got my first box of craft projects in the mail. Each box contains four small crafts.

Here’s the pros and cons of the service.

  • All crafts are simple and small. Great for people that don’t have much space (like moi!).
  • No craft is overly time-consuming. Most will take under an hour.
  • Crafts come four to a box, so there is plenty of crafting to be done.
  • Crafts could be made as directed or used in different ways.
  • A box arrives at your doorstep each month, so there is no excuse not to make things!

Polymer clay bowl DIY Con:

  • The materials were of fairly high quality, but my large bead for a statement necklace arrived with a crack in it. Bummer.
  • The service is a bit pricey ($29) per box.
  • You have to visit their website for the DIY directions.
  • Although they make an effort to include things like a needle, not all materials are included in the box. You still may need things like rolling pin or a sewing machine to make projects look more professional.

The first project I tried out of the box was a polymer clay bowl. I used the directions found here. It turned out fairly cute and I think I’ll put it on my desk at work for paperclips and little miscellaneous objects.

Overall, I love this service as a gift. It’s novel, it’s easy and it arrives right at my doorstep. Have you ever tried a craft subscription service? Let me know in the comments!



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