Love Weekends: Portland!

Portland Sign Life is insane. Off-the-wall, don’t stop ’til ya get enough, crazy-wild. It’s so easy to get caught up in the busy trap and leave no time for ourselves. After the death and illness of several loved ones this year, I can’t help but think about the bazillion things I want to do and places I want to go before I… well… kick the bucket. I’m not trying to get all morbid and weird on ya’ll. It’s just a constant reminder to not be so busy that I stop going places and learning about myself and the world around me.

Portland Skyline This weekend I crossed one of the places off my travel bucket list… Portland!

Portland was beautiful this time of year. The trees had just turned and the air was crisp.

Portland Skyline at Night

There was good food to be eaten and new places to be explored.

Old Town Portland Skyline We met up with some new and old friends. We relaxed. It was just what I needed to get me through to the holiday season.

Fall Portland Skyline I can’t wait until our next adventure.

What did you do this past weekend? Let me know in the comments!




4 thoughts on “Love Weekends: Portland!

  1. Valerie {ALL MUSSED UP}

    Isn’t it so so good to get away from your normal habitat for a few days? I’m starting to feel the need for a weekend away too…Portland has always been on my bucket list (I’m curious, is it really as over the top as the Portlandia sketches make it seem? :), but since it’s only about 10,000 miles away I suspect we’ll be hopping on the night train to Berlin instead.

    1. lovelibrarianmelanie

      Yes, it is so good to get away! Portland isn’t nearly as over the top as Portlandia makes it seem. Although, you better believe I was quoting it the entire time I was there. There are a lot of young people, about a million restaurants and I’m not convinced anyone has a 9-5 job, but it’s much more metropolitan than I expected.

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