Easy and Cheap Halloween Costumes from Halloweens Past

The Blues Brothers

The Blues Brothers

I love Halloween. I love all holidays, but if someone held a gun to my head and asked for my favorite holiday, I’d probably say Halloween. Can you imagine an attacker jumping out from a dark alley with a gun and asking you their favorite holiday? That’s ludicrous. And Halloween is a bit ludicrous, that’s why I love it.

Although it may be my favorite holiday, I still manage, without fail, to procrastinate making my costume. And I always make my costume. Because I’m cheap and I like to have clever costumes.

Last year, George and I scavenged our closet for our Blues Brothers costumes. Below¬†are a couple more of my favorite costumes from year’s past. They’re all cheap and easy.

Voodoo Doll costume

Voodoo Doll costume

This voodoo doll costume was super easy. I made it a couple of hours before we had to go out. All you need is a burlap sack, hot glue, felt, pipe cleaners and pom pom balls. Then draw Xs over your eyes and stitches around your lips. Super easy and slightly scary to boot!

Cat Lady and Sugar Skull Costume

Cat Lady and Sugar Skull Costume

For my true self, I mean, Cat Lady costume, I just got a sweatsuit and glued small, stuffed cats and random bits of fur all over it. George also kindly painted a cat on my sweatshirt and wrote “Cats are people too” on it. Not only was this costume easy, it was also warm!

My sister, pictured right, just rummaged in her closet for random bits of scary attire and painted her face to look like a sugar skull. That costume is super easy too and spoooooky.

The Internet has a million easy and cheap costume ideas, it’s all in the execution. Before you go out to buy a lame, polyester costume check around your house and get creative. The best costumes are homemade.

What has been your favorite Halloween costume? Are you dressing up this year? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Roberta

    So cute and makes me want to watch the Blues Brothers again. No dress up for me I will go with my grandmother matronly look..Gray hair and all…lol!

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