Love Weekends: Asheville Wedding Time!

fireplace at grove park inn

One of the giant fireplaces at the Grove Park Inn. Check out that full-grown man for scale!

grove park inn

Me and my niece at the Grove Park Inn. I look like I stole her.

This past weekend George and I travelled to Asheville to attend a wedding. Asheville is super special to us. We got engaged there, and married there, and we basically want to live there forever and ever. Not only is it beautiful, it’s artsy and full of history.

I was super stoked that we got to attend a pre-wedding party at the Grove Park Inn. I had never been to the hotel, but I had always wanted to go. F. Scott Fitzgerald stayed there for two years and almost every president of the last 100 years has been a guest at the hotel. It’s beautiful stone building perched up on a hill. I, of course, just got weird iPhone pictures, but if you are at all interested in history, I’d highly recommend making a trip to Asheville. The hot chocolate at The Grove Park Inn alone is worth the trip. Seriously, the best I’ve ever had.

fireside wedding

George and I sitting fireside at the wedding

asheville courthouse

Where we got married… at the courthouse!

The wedding and trip was a bit more stressful than I had hoped. The zipper in my dress broke right before we were supposed to leave for the wedding and I had a terribly stuffy nose for most of the trip. I tried to have a good attitude about everything, but good god, it was hard. Apart from my self-absorbedness, the wedding was gorgeous and picturesque. We were in my most favoritist city, after all.

Next week we’re traveling to Portland. I’m hoping for a relaxing trip full of good food and well… good food. I’m not hoping for much else.

Have you ever been to Asheville? What did you do over the weekend?




3 thoughts on “Love Weekends: Asheville Wedding Time!

  1. Roberta

    I married my husband in a Library.. It really was hokey and cheap.. We are going to his daughter’s wedding next week. She looks a bit like you. I will have to share pics of her…

      1. Roberta

        I liked the idea to, since I have worked in a few but it was spur of the moment. Maybe if it had been planned out a bit..Oh well, I guess something to tell my grandkids..

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