How to Save Money at Your Local Fair

save money at fair It’s fair season, ya’ll! The air is crisp and so are the dollar bills in my pocket. I love a good state fair as much as the next fellow, but I don’t love dropping my hard-earned cash. Here’s how I saved some money this year at the fair.

1. Check the website! Each fair is going to be different, but with the larger fairs, the “deals” will usually be published on the website. Deals could include free admission on certain days, discounted tickets if you buy in advance and free admission for children or seniors. The NC State fair has all of these deals!

2. Keep an eye out for free events. Our fair had free bluegrass music, tons of fascinating exhibits– like blacksmithing, beekeeping and pottery, and other super interesting educational events. The fair isn’t all rides and deep fried food.

gorilla girl 3. Consider bringing your own food or sharing. Yes, the food is insane and often makes the trip, but it’s also crazy-expensive. Consider bringing your own food, bottles of water and sharing. Bottles of water were $2 at our local fair. That’s crazy town, people. Bring your own.

4. Buy a lunch pass. Not all fairs do this, but if you are just in it for the food, the NC State fair will let you purchase food on weekdays for free with a lunch pass.

5. Avoid parking fees. Lace on your tennis shoes and get ready to walk. Map out the closest free parking lot to the fair in advance and plan to walk. Nothing bums me out more than having to pay to park my car somewhere.

What other kind of tips do you have for saving money at your local fair? Let me hear ’em in the comments.


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